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A Day In The Life Of Albert, Chicago Booth MBA

Follow An MBA Day From Morning Coffee To Evening Burger!

By  Kate Jillings

Fri Mar 16 2012

We just stumbled across this upbeat video made by a current 'Boothie', as Chicago Booth MBAs like to call each other! Take a day trip with Albert Wong, a first-year student from Australia: choosing his morning healthy breakfast, meeting classmates at the Harper Center, attending a Taxes and Business Strategy class with professor Ira Weiss, joining friends for a burger at the infamous Kuma's Corner, and finally finishing the night with a model (of the Excel variety).

For more “Day in the Life” videos, Visit Booth’s Dean’s Student Admissions Committee YouTube page.

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I had always wanted to go to a business school for a long time but along the line, I became anxious because I had an issue picking out the best college that would really help me fulfill my dream and then I came across the University of Chicago and it has completely swept me off my feet since I got here. I’m really excited to be a student of this wonderful school.