Apple Bites into B-Schools

Business courses at your fingertips and from India to Canada via an MBA

Rutgers University has hooked up with Apple to offer a digital marketing course from July. The week-long pilot is open to students and MBAs alike, who will be awarded certificates on completion of the program. Students will have to dig deep to stump up the $4,995 enrolment fee before getting their hands on the iPad, which will be ready with pre-loaded course materials. The digital marketing program consists of several three-hour lessons and will cover various aspects of marketing, as the subject moves away from traditional media to the digital age. The program will be taught by Eric Greenberg an assistant visiting professor of Marketing at the university.

Transcontinental MBA

York University's Schulich School of Business in Canada has partnered with the Jain Institute of Management and Research in India to offer the Schulich MBA in India. The first year of the two-year program is spent in Mumbai focussing on “building a foundation in business management fundamentals.” During the second year MBAs pick from 18 specializations ranging from Finance to Real Estate and Infrastructure.


Sunny Li

Wednesday 21st April 2010, 20.05 (Europe/Paris)

$4,995 to lean how to use an iPod? Well, money very well spent for operating something that might not even exist in 6 month!

Kate Jillings

Wednesday 21st April 2010, 22.26 (Europe/Paris)

Meet VP for Apple Europe (and ask him about the Apple digital marketing course!) at an HEC Paris MBA event on 27 May - more details here:

Sian Morley-Smith

Saturday 24th April 2010, 17.34 (Europe/Paris)

Oh the ipad will be around for a while...they've delayed sales in Europe because the first batch in the US over sold their expectations of 300,000 units to 500,000 units.

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