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Where's The Beef?

George Washington Students in Serbia


Thu May 20 2010

It’s in  Serbia 

…Along with lamb, chicken, ham, pork, and veal (yes, I know that’s also beef). We were told repeatedly while preparing for this trip that Serbs eat alot of meat. That is an understatement to say the least. 

The picture you see to the left is an example of a typical Serbian meal. Served family style, this platter of various varieties and preparations of meat is expected to feed four people. Being the gracious guests that we are, we have all attempted to eat most of what is laid before us. 

Needless to say, we have had our fill of meat. The vegetarians in our group were told at our first group meal to not ask for a salad because the salad is made of meat. Although, this was obviously a joke, it is not far from the truth. Nearly every preparation of Serbian cuisine involves some form of meat, and although the overabundance of meat may not sound particularly appetizing, it is actually amazingly delicious. 

Despite the salad joke, there is usually also a platter of vegetables consisting of cabbage, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Also, the Serbs make fabulous bread. Every morning at breakfast, there are several baskets of various shapes and varieties of bread, all of them soft and delicious. 

After being in a foreign country for almost a week now, our group is starting to long for our favorite American delicacies, in the mean time we are enjoying all that the Serbs have to offer.

Originally published on the official blog for the GW School of Business International Residency Program

Students on the program, all first year Global MBA candidates, spend time in the classroom studying the issues facing a real firm overseas. In May the students spend two weeks in-country, working as business consultants to their partner organization.

This year's students are on location in India, Korea, Mexico and Serbia. You can read more about the program here.

Students on the Serbia Residency are working with five agribusinesses in the Belgrade area, analyzing the compeitive landscape and market trends in order to develop and implement a marketing plan.

Author Taylor Giroux is from Alaska. She has four year's experience in legal marketing as well as extensive experience working in the fishing and tourism industry in her home state.