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Business School News: Goldman Harvard Recruit Commits to the MBA Oath

Elite b-school grad swears to put ethics before personal ambitions

By  Sunny Li

Fri May 21 2010


Harvard Business School MBA Larry Estrada isn’t accepting his Goldman Sachs job offer without making a serious commitment.

The 30-year-old joined 150 fellow business students and faculty worldwide to campaign for the acceptance of the MBA Oath, created last year by Harvard Business students to counter growing public mistrust of business.

The aim of the pledge is to get as many as 6,000 graduates of MBA programs to swear they won’t put personal ambition before the interests of their employer or society.

“For me, it was a stake in the ground, to say here are my values, here’s what I believe in,” said Estrada, who plans to work as an investment manager for Goldman Sachs in Seattle. “When I have a tough decision, I want to be in a position where I have my own personal oath.”

Last year, 484 new MBAs at Harvard Business School took the pledge. Another 1,500 took it at the Wharton School of the University of PennsylvaniaKellogg School of Management of Northwestern University and other American business schools.

However, not all Harvard business students support the oath. Less than half of last year’s graduating class took it. Estrada said this year’s number wouldn’t be significantly bigger.

Cardiff Business School Graduates Ice Hockey Stars

Welsh ice hockey team Cardiff Devils may have lost to bitter rival Belfast Giants in the Elite League Play-off Final, but three players are on course to graduate from Cardiff Business School with prestigious MBA degrees.

Mike Hartwick, Wes Jarvis and Scott Romfo have had to work as hard off the ice as on it to meet their academic and professional commitments.

Second-year ice hockey pro Jarvis said: “Through completion of the MBA and balancing my sporting career, I was able to concentrate more clearly and with a strategic mind which I feel helped to improve my learning capabilities on and off the ice.”


Three players at Cardiff Devils are set to complete their MBA studies from Cardiff Business School this summer

Cardiff Business School’s ongoing agreement with the Cardiff Devils means that the team can continue to attract quality players who want to continue their studies while progressing their sporting careers.

Robert McNabb, Dean of the Business School, said: “We have been a long term partner of the Cardiff Devils and, for some time now, have provided the opportunity for players who wish to extend their business knowledge base to pursue a postgraduate programme of study, whilst continuing a professional sporting career.”