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Here's Why Hult MBA And Master's Students Jet Off To London, Dubai And More

Hult’s Global Campus Rotation program allows you to study abroad, without downsides

By  Christian Robinson

Fri Jul 29 2016

International exchanges and study abroad trips have long been a cornerstone of business education. But exchange students often find that their study abroad period isn’t long enough to fully immerse themselves in their new surroundings, or adapt to another university.

Hult International Business School has found a way to give its MBA and masters students the international experience without the aforementioned uncertainties.

A multi-campus university, Hult has locations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York. Through its Global Campus Rotation program, Hult students get to experience three of these campuses over the course of a one-year degree.

Hult pioneered the original Global Campus Rotation program, and today it makes for a smooth, undisturbed student experience. We talked to current Hult students, staff and faculty about how it benefits them.


Andrés Arsaelsson - MBA Graduate, London and Dubai Campuses

Hult’s Global Campus Rotation program opened opportunities that I had never even considered. I rotated to Dubai where I now live, working full time as a product manager while running two businesses I established there after graduating.

Hult provides many networking opportunities while on rotation, but you also inevitably make friends outside of the course. After moving to Dubai, my wife and I ended up staying with a wonderful man from Lebanon who owns a trading company and has been here for 20 years. Today, I work for him and we are great friends.

I have to say that I loved living in London for the 10 months I was there. Hult’s campus is in Bloomsbury, and is typically beautiful as well as being brilliantly-organized. Being able to live in such a large, historical and cosmopolitan city was an amazing experience, and I really got to know the ins and outs of it. I must say I had the privilege of having great teachers on both campuses, the standard of education is very high wherever you go.


Julie Yao Cooper - Professor of Marketing, Boston Campus

Every student I teach is at the same level, because Hult makes the learning experience as consistent as possible between campuses. It’s a real melting pot here too – we put together the most diverse groups of students possible in classes, which is a difficult yet rewarding experience.

In addition to maintaining the same on-campus atmosphere between locations, Hult rotate a lot of their faculty, so students can experience great teaching in different environments.

I’m based in Hult’s Boston campus, but I’ve taught multiple times in Dubai and Shanghai. Hult has a real cutting-edge approach to the organisational side of things, and everything works seamlessly.

I don’t have a favourite campus as such, I love them all. While Boston has to be up there, I love Dubai for its intimacy, and I love the Middle East in general. Interestingly enough, the idea for global campuses was led by the students themselves.


Laura Maish - MBA Career Development Advisor, San Francisco Campus

The rotation really helps our students in the long-run. Being able to spend time in another country, observing the business culture, interacting with locals, and experiencing different customs, cuisine, and ways of life, changes their perspectives on the world, and prepares them for a global career.

Though we don’t rotate as the faculty do, Career Development and Corporate Relations at Hult is very tightly-knit despite the distance between us. We design career programs at a global level before deploying them locally. As students rotate, they are welcomed by an organized team of advisors ready to help them take their careers to the next level.

The San Francisco campus draws a lot of students with entrepreneurial mindsets or who are seeking to join a tech startup. I haven’t visited the other Hult campuses yet, but I think it would be hard to beat San Francisco!  


Lee Whittington III - Master’s in International Business (MIB) Student, Shanghai, London and Dubai Campuses

The Global Campus Rotation program really made Hult stand out from other schools I was considering attending. I was unable to study abroad during my Bachelor’s degree, and I really wanted to have that international experience.

The idea of being able to study in three countries all while obtaining my MIB sounded almost too good to be true. It’s one thing to learn about different places, but it’s another thing entirely to actually be there, and employers agree.

Hult also provides many organized opportunities to explore the local culture. Some students in Shanghai even got their own scooters, and lived as locals in other ways. While it can be easy to stay in what we call the “Hult Bubble”, there is ample opportunity to venture out and really be immersed in the city.

Hult provided many networking opportunities throughout our program. Beyond student social events, professionals were brought in to give us their perspectives of the local market as well as different industries. Hult also actively encouraged us to seek outside opportunities and really capitalize on our time abroad.

Shanghai was my home campus, and we also had the smallest cohort of only 77 students in the MIB program. Being such a small group and moving halfway across the world for eight months, in my case, really made us develop a bond. After my MIB, I know I’ll walk away with some lifelong friends both inside and outside the program.