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Meet The Team: The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College Of Business

Director of Admissions Alison Merzel says students at Fisher can tailor-make their own MBA journeys

“We look for self-awareness and a sense of purpose in our applicants,” says Alison Merzel, director of admissions at The Ohio State University’s Max M. Fisher College of Business.

“The ideal Fisher candidate is driven to succeed, but never at someone else’s expense,” she continues. “I’m looking for people that are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, take risks, and learn from their instructors and their peers.”

Once MBA applicants make it into the full-time program, Fisher is a driver for change. Over 90 percent of Fisher MBA grads find employment within three months of graduating. KPMG, PwC, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Abercrombie & Fitch are just some of the companies that come to recruit on-campus.

At Fisher, Alison explains, students can tailor-make their own MBA journeys. Full scholarships are available to applicants from Africa, Europe and the Americas. All admitted students are automatically evaluated for merit-based financial aid opportunities. And each tight-knit cohort of 92 students can expect to maximize their potential, no matter what field they choose.

The Fisher MBA is flexible, with 30 of its 57 credit hours dedicated to elective coursework. And Fisher MBA students have access to a wide variety of graduate courses — in health care, sports management, architecture and more — at one of the largest research universities in the world.

“Business school is a safe place to take risks, so Fisher MBAs should be willing to venture outside their comfort zones and take advantage of our resources,” Alison says.

Fisher’s resources are not limited to the classroom. At home in Columbus, Fisher MBAs have access to a major sporting city with a wide variety of nightlife and a flourishing food scene.

The school’s Global Applied Projects (GAP) program takes students overseas—to Europe, Africa, and Asia—where they work on consulting projects for private-sector corporations, non-profits, and even governments.

During the spring semester, Fisher operates global business expeditions designed to integrate company visits with cultural immersion. Students can visit Germany to learn about marketing and strategy, travel to Spain to experience family business in the globalized era, or whet their entrepreneurial appetites in Israel.

But it's not only study-abroad opportunities that Fisher continues to innovate. “In 2017, we will be rolling out a technology entrepreneurship specialization for MBAs interested in starting their own companies,” Alison says.

From next year, ambitious MBA entrepreneurs at Fisher will be able to intern at startups prior to making their own pitch to investors, or even put together a business plan for their own venture.

Whatever the field, Alison is determined to innovate, to challenge Fisher MBA students and to develop new generations of global business leaders.

“We’ll continue to offer more cross-functional, global and experiential learning opportunities,” she says. “I want to know that students will try to stretch themselves; to take the initiative. The Fisher MBA is something our students work hard to earn.”

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