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New Online MBA Covers Globalization, Data Analytics, And The Future Of Work

The online MBA Global at Australia’s James Cook University combines top-notch management training with the data analytics skills needed to succeed across industries


Tue Jul 17 2018

As an aspiring business leader, one of the advantages of doing an online MBA is the flexibility that it affords you.

Instead of being tethered to a timetable, campus, or calendar, online MBAs provide you with the flexibility to study where and when it is convenient—while you continue to work and earn a salary.

This flexibility is exemplified by the online MBA Global offered by James Cook University (JCU) in Australia. Not only can students complete the degree entirely online, but the MBA Global is split into three eight-month increments or nested qualifications.

This means that if the demands of your career become too difficult to juggle with your studies, you can still earn a postgraduate qualification—culminating, of course, in the full MBA qualification from a respected university.

Additionally, embedded within the course is a demonstrable commitment to teaching the fundamentals of career agility in a changing business climate—beyond the (virtual) walls of a business school classroom.

This promises to create a new generation of business leaders who are agile, adaptable—and prepared for change.

A global perspective

One of the fundamental ways that the online MBA Global at JCU teaches students to be adaptable in their careers is by giving them a global business outlook.

Not only does the content expand the reach of the traditional classroom to any room in any country with an internet connection, one-third of the course curriculum is dedicated to versing students in global business principles—from the organizational structure of multinational companies to the ins and outs of corporate strategy and finance.

In the marketing strategy, analytics and development subject, for example, students will learn the marketing principles needed to tackle any business problem, enabling MBAs to meet the needs of diverse markets regardless of their location or industry.

Creating flexible leaders

Another third of the course is dedicated to high-grade leadership training, schooling future industry pioneers in how to lead in diverse environments.

For the entrepreneurially-minded student, there is the venture capital and entrepreneurship subject, which culminates in an assessment based on a pitch for a real or hypothetical business idea.

Entrepreneurial thinking is all about being open to the possibilities of different markets and technologies: it’s about being aware of gaps in the market and keeping your mind switched on as to how to fill them.

This kind of alert, innovative thinking is an integral part of the curriculum in the online MBA Global at James Cook University

Navigating a data-driven future

The final segment of the curriculum in JCU’s online MBA Global is perhaps its most innovative feature: three subjects focusing solely on the hot-button topic of data analytics.

Each of the three subjects aim to introduce students to the principles of data management and interpretation, and how to implement them in day-to-day business decision-making.

For example, in the data analysis and decision modelling subject, you will learn to understand and manage data information resources. And that’s not all—by the end of the subject, students will also be able to build basic business intelligent systems and develop practical decision models.

Blending management talent with tech readiness

With today’s business landscape becoming more and more data-focused, this injection of specialized knowledge lends extra credibility and produces a class of adaptable grads.

The subject in business innovation and technology management serves to integrate data analytics learnings with the University’s stellar management skills offering. Students will learn to zoom out from the particularized training they receive in their data analytics subjects by observing new waves of technology from a strategic perspective.

Ultimately, the course will teach MBAs how to adapt to technological advancement, evaluating its potential impact—positive and negative—on business.

The online MBA Global at JCU optimizes its grads for change—be that a change of industry, company, or technology—with the added bonus of flexibility offered by an entirely web-based course.

When it comes to meeting your career goals, there is no need to compromise between your current job and your future prospects. James Cook University’s online MBA Global provides flexible, specialized training and management expertise for future business leaders.