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How An Online MBA Could Help You Network With Top Companies

Joining a top online MBA program could lead to a successful business career with a top firm—here’s how


Wed Jun 21 2023

If you assume that joining an online MBA program means accessing fewer career services than face-to-face MBA programs—think again. 

In fact, many of the best online MBA programs out there provide students with the same career benefits offered to the in-person MBA cohort. There’s also the added benefit that you can access career services and networking events without having to take time out of the workplace.

Here’s how an online MBA could help you land top business school jobs:

You can attend MBA networking events with successful alumni

If you’re considering studying for a 100% Online MBA at a triple accredited business school, you may wonder how networking takes place in a virtual setting.

The Online MBA program at the University of Birmingham provides a series of virtual networking events for busy professionals to gain industry insights and expand their network.

On the peer-to-peer networking side, the school organizes an MBA Symposium that brings together Distance Learning MBA students and alumni to meet across a two-day event.

Previous events have included industry speakers from Deloitte, the BBC, AstraZeneca, and the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business, as well as interactive workshops.

"As a business school that offers lifelong career support, this provides an opportunity to facilitate greater networking and engagement with our current Distance Learning MBAs and alumni," says Melanie Billingham, careers consultant at Birmingham Business School.

Online MBAs can join targeted career sessions 

Many online MBA students have a clear idea of their career goals and aspirations but lack the connections or confidence to move forwards. 

For these type of students, Birmingham Business School hosts virtual MBA careers and chat sessions over one-hour Zoom events.

“These events tend to have a particular industry focus, which gives MBAs the chance to ask questions and make contacts on a more informal basis,” says Melanie.

In the past, Birmingham Online MBA students have been able to join sessions with representatives from popular business school sectors including consulting, healthcare, and operations.

To support MBA students in taking the next steps in their career, Birmingham Business School also provide more general sessions on topics such as making the most of your MBA to ensure online MBA students make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Access to the Deloitte consultancy training program

When researching an online MBA program, it’s important to find out the companies that your target business school is connected with.

The Birmingham Online MBA has strong links with top consulting firm Deloitte—a company that ranks as one of the best consulting firms to work for—offering students the chance to apply for the Birmingham MBA Deloitte Consultancy Challenge.

With places shared between full-time, part-time, and online MBA students, the challenge involves one week’s consulting training from Deloitte professionals.

“The week is very intensive, with consulting skills training sessions every morning, and a case study scenario that is analyzed in teams every afternoon, culminating in a presentation to the board on the final day,” says Melanie.

Some talented participants of the experiential challenge have even gone on to land top jobs at Deloitte.

Find out how to ace assessment centers and interviews

Business schools aren’t just there to facilitate connections with top employers—online MBA programs tend to have dedicated career teams who can help you succeed in the interview process or merely have a chat about your career hopes. 

One of the ways that Birmingham helps Online MBAs find career success is through the Virtual Mock Assessment sessions. These events run several times a year, allowing students to experience recruitment exercises including group exercises, case studies, presentations, and one-on-one interviews.

“Every participant receives a written feedback report on their performance, which includes an assessment of strengths and areas for improvement, which can be used to improve performance at future recruitment events with employers,” says Melanie. 

Budding MBA entrepreneurs can access customized support

Entrepreneurs are often attracted to online MBA programs as they can fit the program around launching a startup or business.

The University of Birmingham offers the UoB Elevate program—an incubator and business growth initiative available for students and graduates.

“The program aims to support university startups onto the next level with funding, incubation space, support and talent,” says Melanie.

Through support and advice on topics such as investment, mentoring, networking, students can access the tools they need to upskill and make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Students can also choose to attend entrepreneurial-based boot camps with top companies such as Accenture and Siemens.

As online MBA programs continue to gain traction, students are likely to be attracted to the ease, flexibility, and affordability of attending an online business school program.

"Through the initiatives offered by the University of Birmingham to Online MBA students, it emphasises the idea that you don’t need to attend a face-to-face program to take the next step in your career," concludes Melanie.