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Students From The Lancaster Global MBA In Jordan Get A Taste Of The UK Campus!

Lancaster University Management School currently teaches its Global MBA in Singapore, Jordan and Zambia

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Mon Apr 23 2012

Four Lancaster Global MBA students from Jordan made a five-day visit to the UK at the end of last term, to share ideas and experiences with their counterparts on the Full-time and Executive MBA programmes, .

Lancaster’s Global MBA programme is a two-year part-time programme for aspiring senior managers, delivered in various countries around the world. It’s ideal for those whose personal circumstances do not allow them to travel to the UK to study, but who want an MBA that can deliver tangible benefits for them in their current job.

In a packed programme, the students attended classes on both the Full-time and Executive MBA, and went to several lectures from the Lancaster Strategic Leadership series. To give them a taste of the wider locality, they also fitted in an excursion to the Lake District and a shopping trip to nearby Manchester.

Nart Abdullah, one of the students who requested the visit and has worked in Jordan’s telecoms sector for the last four years, said that "Being here in Lancaster, meeting people from other cultures, other nationalities, is a great opportunity. The whole experience of being on campus, living the life of the Full-time MBAs, meeting Executive MBA students, and sharing thoughts from different perspectives all adds up to provide the big picture”.

The visit to LUMS reinforced the parallels not only between the three Lancaster MBA programmes but also between the students themselves. Zeina Monther Khasawneh, a senior officer in marketing for wireless broadband provider Wi-Tribe, was delighted to find that students on the two Lancaster-based programmes were covering the same concepts and topics as on the Global MBA, and with the same interactive approach to learning.

“Despite being from different cultures and on different programmes, we found that as part-time students we face many of the same issues and concerns as full-time students – especially how to manage our time,” added Yara Hani Zreikat.

Zaid Asfour, an engineering graduate working for the French energy company Schneider Electric, said that the visit had delivered even more than he had hoped for. “I was happy when I was able to talk to the students here – they come from different countries, different backgrounds. It definitely adds to the quality of the MBA class,” he said.

The Global MBA is currently offered in Singapore, Jordan and Zambia with all teaching and workshops provided in the host country involving faculty from Lancaster. While the core structure of the Global MBA remains the same in each location, design flexibility within the programme means it can be tailored to reflect differing local contexts.

Dr Jonathan Matheny, the Director of MBA programmes was also very pleased with the success of the visit. “Our Lancaster-based MBA students loved meeting their Jordanian colleagues. The students have made a great impression here, and are returning to Amman with a real sense of what Lancaster is all about and of their vital place in the Lancaster MBA family”, he said.

Lancaster plans to extend its global reach as a school and the Global MBA plays a crucial role in this. In future, the school plans to expand opportunities to students enabling them to take classes at other locations where the Global MBA is offered. 

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