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Back To School For Nanyang MBAs

The new cohort of Nanyang MBAs have fun getting to grips with their MBA journey which includes a specially designed intensive English language course

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Tue Jul 31 2012

We loved this blog originally published on the Nanyang Business School MBA blog where their new MBA class give us their take on the first weeks of school. The post was written by Nguyen Troung from Vietnam with contributions from other participants on the Intensive English Class, which kicks off each MBA year.

The Nanyang MBA offers an English course held one month before the start of the full-time MBA programme. This is part of the pre-term programme to help students build confidence, as well as the right foundation for the highly interactive environment on the MBA.

Nguyen says the period is also a great time to explore the city and to bond with classmates. He graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Vietnam National University and before coming to Nanyang he worked as a Sales Engineer for Toan Thang Engineering Corporation. The company supplies heavy duty equipment for the Oil and Gas industry.

Our first impression about this course must be the friendliness of our classmates, professor, and MBA Office staff. Everyone smiles to welcome new students and considers others as close friends from the very beginning. Although above is our very first picture as a class (there were 18 of us coming from 10 countries), it seems like we’ve known each other for a very long time.

On the first day Ms. Catherine, our professor, walked us around the campus for us to get familiar with the location. It was a long walk, going through many doors and stairs. The Nanyang campus is huge – we were told that the campus has a landmass of 200 hectares and lots of greenery! With every door we went through, classmates were waiting and kept doors open for others. It was so great for the first day!


Taking a break while doing a case study with teammates from Rita from China, Nguyen-that’s me! (Vietnam), Eric from Taiwan and Iwai from Japan

Ms. Catherine is probably one of the nicest professors we have ever known. She prepared the course carefully so that all we needed to do was relax and enjoy the class. Homework was really fun, too! We watched “Mind your language!” to learn about the possible dangers of using English incorrectly. Besides the reading and media assisting self-learning, the case studies were excellent chances for us to work together and understand our classmates.

Each week that followed, we were given one case study to strengthen our analytical capabilities and business presentation skills. We believe that this was a great opportunity for all of us to brush up our English language skills as well as get to know each other before the real journey begins. Honestly, we learned a lot from this class!

After our class, it was certainly a great time for sharing interests.


On weekends, the class would often meet for entertainment


At the Sky Lounge of the famous Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

A fellow classmate Zhang Rui from China said about the experience, “Three weeks’ time is just like a blink of an eye. I have not been able to go around the whole campus even once, but I will say goodbye to our dearest Catherine, our intensive English class lecturer this coming Friday. I still remembered the first day I met our guys (the incoming cohort attending this preparatory English language class) in front of the MBA Office. I saw so many fresh faces, each with great joy and excitement for the coming new life in this beautiful green campus. I also remembered the first big smile from Catherine, a smile which melted all the strangeness between us. From that day on, we guys spent so many unforgettable moments together. We learned how to do a professional presentation, we discussed for hours how to do an analysis of a business case,we made progress every time we accepted a new challenge, and we cheered for everyone’s improvement. Best of all, we received such precious friendship from each other. We also left our footprint on the Marina Bay Sands, that famous new integrated resort in Singapore which is presently a main tourist attraction. Together, we enjoyed cuisine from around the world- yes in this food paradise called Singapore.”


Beach time with new friends

Time passes so fast, especially when we are happy. Each of us gained many experiences and improved significantly in these weeks. Waiting ahead is not only another learning week or the assessment but also the last day of this program. Everything from here become sweet memories about our first days at Nanyang.


Getting some quality family time

Zhang added, “when I look back to all I experienced, all I did and all I got in the past three weeks, I want to say “thank you” to our MBA programme, to Ms Catherine Cheng and to all our guys (my MBA peers). Thanks for the special arrangement of the MBA programme, I have this opportunity to come one month earlier to join the Intensive English Course. Thanks to Catherine, I have learned so much from her well-designed course and her well-prepared learning materials. Thanks to our guys, with you, I feel so great now and raring to start my MBA journey at Nanyang next week.”

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