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Webinar | How To Build A Career In Sustainability

Considering a career in sustainability? Find out how doing a master's in sustainability management can help you build a career in sustainability with top tips from Kogod School of Business


Fri Oct 14 2022

As businesses around the world grow more ethically conscious, there is a shift away from profit-only-focused business, towards profit with a positive social impact. New roles and jobs are emerging for business school graduates who want to make a difference. In this climate, we are seeing the emergence of new roles as well as the evolution of old sectors. 

In this BusinessBecause Presents Webinar, delivered in association with the American University Kogod School of Business, we find out how you can build a career in sustainability, from the benefits of a business school master’s degree in sustainability, the programs available to students, and the abundance of careers available for sustainability management grads in all sectors.

To find out everything you need to know about sustainability careers, BusinessBecause writer Lili Cariou spoke with Kogod School of Business master's in sustainability management program director, David Bartlett, director of graduate admissions, Lisa Francis, as well as two alumni, Josh Kaplan and Samantha Kenny.

Key takeaways from this webinar: 

→ Find out the benefits of doing a business school master's degree in sustainability

→ Find out the programs available and what you'll learn 

→ Discover the plethora of careers available for sustainability management grads in all sectors

→ Find out how you can build a career in sustainability

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