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4 Reasons To Pursue A Hybrid Master’s In Entrepreneurship

A business professor from the University of Oklahoma explains the top four benefits of studying a hybrid entrepreneurship master's in one of the U.S.'s up-and-coming start-up hubs


Fri Jun 21 2024

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy feat. Not only do you have to possess a good business idea, you need to be able acquire the resources to actualize it. So it’s little surprise that, according to a recent GMAC survey, 39% of prospective Gen Z students are interested in studying entrepreneurship at b-school.  

From networking, to negotiation skills, to the ability to be your own critic, a degree in launching your own products and businesses could transform a concept into reality. 

The only issue? A master’s degree can be a significant time and financial investment—especially if your dream school means having to leave your hometown, or even your current career. 

The good news is that studying online provides a great compromise. Not only can you access the benefits of a school’s reputation and program, you can also balance it with your existing lifestyle.  5a56d738dfa4a1b9f5fe101337a8a76c8027918f.jpg

For example, the new hybrid Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business gives students the chance to gain a degree in the center of Oklahoma’s up-and-coming startup scene in just 12 months for a competitive fee of $30,000.  

We spoke to Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Todd Moss (pictured right), a professor of entrepreneurship at OU’s Price College, to find out exactly what benefits there are to learning how to be an entrepreneur mostly online.

1. You can still network with top companies 

While the internet has managed to replicate—and in many cases, improve on—in-person tasks, networking is something that generally remains best done in real life.   

That’s why, at OU, students in the MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation are invited for a one-week residency at the beginning of the semester to connect with top surrounding companies in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, a thriving startup hub.

Professor Moss says, “It’s important to students because if they’re starting a business when they're done, they might want to go and be a part of this incubator that they visited.” 

Activities include company visits, panel discussions, and roundtable talks to share business ideas. 

Professor Moss reveals that some of the most exciting emergent industries in Oklahoma include cybersecurity, telehealth, and drone manufacturing. 

2. You can customize your program 

Another standout benefit to pursuing a hybrid degree is its flexibility. 

For example, at OU, core courses on the entrepreneurship master’s consist of a combination of asynchronous recordings alongside classes taught via live Zoom calls, so that students can reap the benefits of real-time collaboration as well as cater lessons to their own schedules. 

On top of this, students are also able to further customize their learning experience by selecting one of two tracks: New Venture Development, which caters to those who have already started (or who plan to start) a business, and Corporate Innovation, which suits students who wish to advance within a company or switch roles. 

“Venture Development allows students to customize their coursework to do a lot of independent study classes with mentors, to help them get their business going, whereas Corporate Innovation looks more at how entrepreneurship is applied in a corporate setting,” Professor Moss explains. 

3. You can develop entrepreneurial thinking 

The idea that creativity is something that is innate and cannot be taught is a common misconception—and one that OU plans to actively disprove. 

In the program, students can deep dive into the innovative side of entrepreneurship, which includes studying product design and development.

These are skills which Professor Moss argues are important regardless of whether a student wants to start their own business or progress within a company. 

“Companies want people who are creative, who are going to be thinking outside the box, who are going to find ways to create new value for the business,” he says. 

Of course, creativity isn’t the only important component of thinking like an entrepreneur. The course also offers students a grounding in more technical skills such as finance, accounting, and product management.  

4. You can access exciting job opportunities 

Although Oklahoma’s MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is new, graduates of the MBA program have built a strong legacy in terms of landing top roles. 

Graduates of the school’s entrepreneurial specialization have gone on to careers at many global firms, including companies such as EY, PwC, and Goldman Sachs.

Plus, for those planning to launch their next new venture, there are many advantages to making connections in Oklahoma. 

“There are many opportunities for growth as well as government incentives to keep businesses in Oklahoma,” Professor Moss says. “If you start in Oklahoma, they want you to stay in Oklahoma to grow the economy there.”

These initiatives include workspaces set up for entrepreneurs such as Starspace 46 and 36 Degrees North, as well as startup hubs like i2E. 

In many ways, studying a hybrid entrepreneurship master’s allows students to access the best of both worlds: they can combine the flexibility and personalization of online learning with the opportunities and connections of a top U.S. school. 

Student Reviews

University of Oklahoma - Price College of Business




On Campus

an Unregrettable choice of university

The University of Oklahoma has been a great experience for me. The professors are all very knowledgeable and willing to help where needed. The campus is also very beautiful and there are plenty of activities going on all the time. The student body is also really friendly and I have made a lot of new friends here. Overall, I'm really glad I chose OU and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great college experience.




On Campus

It is a life changing experience for me.

I am enrolled in a Ph.D. program that is research-intensive. I get continuous guidance from my supervisors that help me to conduct my research skillfully. I will gladly recommend students to study here.





Good institution

Good institution for in class courses. Online classes are pretty hard because the instructors are most of the time not available. The student has to do everything on their own without any assistance.





Best school ever

This has been the best experience. of my life! Freshman year completely changed my life in so many ways! Through club’s organizations and social events the university of Oklahoma became my home. I loved being there




Amazing Univeristy

OU is an amazing university. Love the athletic department so much. They have so much hype and love for their athletes and students typically maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m engineering student and OU has one of the best teachers and facilities I had so far. I know their engineering program is prestigious but I don’t know much about the other departments. Beautiful campus and amazing social events. Diversity is enormous. LOVE IT SIMPLY.




On Campus

Getting the best at OU

I am a current student at the University of Oklahoma and I must say, I am extremely impressed with the quality of education and resources available here. The professors are knowledgeable and truly care about their students' success. The campus is beautiful and there are always events and activities happening. The community at OU is welcoming and diverse, making it a great place to grow and learn. I highly recommend this university to anyone looking for a well-rounded and fulfilling college experience. Boomer Sooner




On Campus

Everybody is really helpful over here

The university has beautiful buildings and scenic fields with benches for enjoying the weather. There are a lot of nice students, so it's a pleasant experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and gained valuable knowledge from the professors. It was a pleasure to work with my professors during my first year, as communication was easy and they consistently made themselves available during office hours, accommodating any scheduling conflicts. I had a smooth academic transition into college thanks to the great faculty.




On Campus


I would say it is the best university in town. The education, knowledge, curriculum, extra curriculum activities, modern laboratories, big grounds, and spacious classrooms. I would say everyone who can should study here.




On Campus

well maintained facilities

The OU campus is truly breathtaking with its vast green spaces and modern facilities. These facilities are contemporary and meticulously maintained, housing state-of-the-art science labs, a vast digital resource library, and cozy study areas perfect for late-night cram sessions. As someone from Oklahoma, attending this university has been a dream come true and has provided me with the most fulfilling years of my life. My freshman year was incredibly enjoyable, filled with fantastic friends and daily adventures. The friendships I've established here are lifelong, and I feel immense gratitude for my time at OU.




On Campus

a home far from home

Attending the University of Oklahoma brought back nostalgic memories for me. My sister graduated from this university in May 2019, and while she had spoken highly of it, she hadn't quite captured how much I would come to adore this school. It has become a home away from home, with its welcoming atmosphere, kind professors, stunning campus, and impressive football team that resonates with my high school football experiences. I am grateful for the chance to study at the University of Oklahoma and receive an exceptional education.




On Campus

psychology major

Honestly, I was not expecting to enjoy the University of Oklahoma (OU), but I ended up falling in love with it. Your college experience at OU largely depends on what you invest in it. While it was sometimes challenging to build friendships and step out of my comfort zone, the university offers numerous clubs and opportunities to engage with new people. As a psychology major at the University of Oklahoma, I firmly believe that the professors and the quality of education surpass those of any other university psychology program. This enables students to connect with professionals globally and fosters personal growth. In terms of academics, I find that professors are highly accessible to students, and there are abundant resources available to support academic achievement.





great support

The campus offers a wide range of dining choices and excellent accommodation. It is reasonably affordable and offers support in locating scholarships and financial advisors to help students manage their finances. My overall experience has been far more positive than I anticipated, and I am completely satisfied with my decision to enroll at OU.