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Why MBA: Monash Business School

By  Sarah Halls

Wed Mar 24 2010

The daily grind of working in an accounting firm pushed Robert Habib to quit his job and enrol on the MBA program at Monash University, Australia.

“I was originally an external auditor for a “Top Four” accounting company and found the work too routine... and therefore decided to explore a new career path as a management consultant,” says Habib, who is a part-time student at Monash.

Before taking the leap he gathered intelligence from partners in the management consulting industry who advised him that doing an MBA would help him enter the field.

Deciding to remain in Australia and study at Monash was a logical decision for two key reasons: “As I was changing careers, I decided to stay in Australia to be in close contact with my key contacts and mentors, who were helping me make the transition from accounting to consulting,” explains Habib, who also chose the course because of its strong reputation in Australasia.

“Having already completed my undergraduate at Monash University, I knew what I was getting myself into. The Monash MBA program provides learning skills beyond what is written in a textbook, and the professors challenge us to expand our understanding of all components of business.”

The gamble has paid off. Before even completing his program, Habib has landed a management consulting role at his employer Ernst & Young.

According to Habib, another draw was the hands-on nature of the program, reflecting the reality of the Australian market.

“The program utilises case studies that replicate actual business situations and teachers invite students to make decisions under those current circumstances,” says Habib.

He also cites a roster of visiting speakers, course flexibility and the chance to build relationships for career opportunities as other reasons for returning to Monash. Running alongside the program is the MBA Leadership Program, a compulsory module focusing on “Personal Skills Development”, which is taken over the course of two successive weekends before students start the “core curriculum.”

Reflecting on his experience at Monash, Habib has some sound advice for applicants.

“Be involved in the program and don’t sit on the sidelines,” advises Habib who is vice president of the Monash MBA Association.

“The opportunities at Monash University are endless. You just need to ask questions, and remember no question is a silly question, you’re there to learn. The MBA program is more than an academic course it’s an experience, take advantage of it.”

The full-time Monash MBA lasts 20 months, while the part-time course lasts four years.

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