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Why MBA: MIP Politecnico di Milano – Milan, Italy

Rosalia Campana achieved her dream of working abroad with an MBA at Italy’s MIP

Thu Jul 27 2017

59% of business school applicants aim to study abroad, according to the latest prospective students report by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). 21% have their sights set on countries in Western Europe.

Rosalia Campana fulfilled her dream of working abroad after a full-time MBA at Italy’s MIP Politecnico di Milano, where 75% of MBA students are international.

A qualified lawyer in her native Peru, Rosalia knew she wanted to pursue an MBA program in Europe. Milan – Italy’s chief business hub famous for finance, fashion, and a vibrant startup scene – stood out. Now, Rosalia’s interning at Allianz Italia, a global insurance company, in Milan.

At MIP, 96% of MBAs seeking employment land new jobs within six months of graduation. 55% of new job opportunities are found by the school. After graduation, Rosalia aims to continue her career in law and maybe even test herself with her own startup.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at MIP?

I chose MIP as it’s positioned well in various European rankings and has partnerships with prestigious global companies like Allianz, IBM, and Microsoft.

While being in touch with the recruitment department, I felt MIP was the right business school for me because of its cross-discipline study plan and the highly-qualified teaching staff. I contacted some MIP students, who shared their excellent personal experiences, which only increased my motivation to join.

Why did you choose Milan, Italy, as an MBA destination?

When I decided to do my master studies abroad, I knew that I would have the chance to be acquainted with a different environment, culture and language. With that in mind, I prioritized Europe as the place I wanted to live this challenging long-term life experience in.

After doing some research, Milan caught my attention. Milan offers a historical environment combined with the modern world – a center of art, fashion, entertainment, culture, and finance.

You can be fascinated by just taking a walk around the city, rediscovering each angle every time you pass by, like going into the Vittorio Emmanuelle Gallery, Sforza Castle, or any other random street you walk through.

In terms of job opportunities, Milan is known as the major city in Italy for those seeking a career developmental path at global companies. And MIP provides the opportunity to network and work with competent international professionals.

What advice do you have for others looking to do the same?

Embrace your dreams and believe in yourself. You can find it all in Italy! You will be impressed by the beauty of Italian cities, including little villages that are like walking into a fairytale. And Italy has amazing people that make you feel at home while exploring new horizons.

I can attest that doing a MBA is an investment in your career and your personal life. You will face many challenges every day and learn from them. It’s an amazing experience. After almost a year that I have been living this terrific adventure, I am glad that I decided to do it and proud of what I have learned.

What else stands out from your MBA experience at MIP?

Studying an MBA at MIP gave me the opportunity to achieve one of my professional goals: working abroad. I’ve learned from a diverse community of colleagues from 21 countries. And, as part of the MBA, I’m interning at a global insurance company, putting into practice the knowledge acquired during my studies.