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HEC Paris

Founded in 1881, HEC Paris has built itself on three core values: academic excellence, a strong sense of community and a commitment to diversity. Thanks to these values, the school has developed into one of the world’s best business schools, as showcased in top international rankings. By training tomorrow's business leaders, academic researchers and entrepreneurs, we aim to be the architects of a responsible world with a positive impact on business and society.

HEC Paris enjoys a longstanding tradition of educating the leaders who are at the forefront of business. The school has graduated more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies than any other university in Europe, according to the 2017 Times Higher Education Alma Mater Index.

Fuel your career transformation with regular campus visits by top recruiters from some of the world’s most sought-after companies, and by regularly scheduled events with our prestigious network of over 60,000 alumni.

The HEC Paris MBA, one of the top ranking MBA programs in the world, provides the ideal environment for students to realize their full potential and become tomorrow’s business leaders.

Located only 17 kilometers from the center of Paris, a major economic epicenter in Europe, HEC Paris MBA is situated in the Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster. Designed to unite France’s best research institutions, hi-tech businesses, startups and universities, the cluster enables our students to draw upon the expertise of other participants and team up with scientists to bring their technological inventions to market.

Our 16-month program gives students the ideal amount of time to learn new information and build their skillsets and their CVs through internships and specialized courses without keeping them out of the workforce for too long. The size of our cohort – limited to 300 students – guarantees a personalized learning experience that prioritizes our students and their goals.

The HEC Paris MBA is divided into two complementary counterparts: the Fundamental Phase and the Customized Phase. The Fundamental Phase uses a rigorous combination of academic training and hands-on learning to teach core management skills. After eight months, students have developed the exact skills needed to transform business performance.

With the Customized Phase, students hone their abilities in a specific sector and gain the experience that makes their CV stand out. Students choose a specialization, and spend eight months developing their expertise through a range of electives, double-degree options, international-exchange programs and real-world work experiences.

At HEC Paris MBA, participants are immersed in a hands-on, learning-by- doing, entrepreneurial environment. Our on-campus eLab, an exclusive laboratory equipped with state-of- the-art interactive technologies, is designed to stimulate creativity and communication. In addition, we have joined Station F, the world’s largest startup campus, giving our students unprecedented access to top international players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Our Career Center ensures that our students’ career goals align with the needs of the global job market. We encourage students to explore a variety of industries and functions, fueling career transformation. The majority of our students succeed in changing their career paths, whether it is a sector, function or geography change. Around 79 percent of our 2021 graduates changed sector, 67% changed function, and 62% changed geography, while 40 percent changed all three aspects of their career.

HEC Paris MBA students graduate armed with a global mindset, the latest knowledge of today and access to a network of over 68,000 alumni in 152 countries. Within three months of graduation, 93 percent of graduates accept job offers that, on average, doubled their pre-MBA salaries..

HEC Paris was ranked #1 Business School in Europe and worldwide for the International Executive MBA by the Financial Times in 2021.


Our participants represent the cream of the corporate crop, averaging 14 years of high-performance management experience upon entry. The program will transform your career trajectory-- whether you want to join the C-suite, change sectors, or create your own business.

The 15-18 month degree program features four key components: Core Courses, Leadership Development, Specializations and a Capstone Project. With the four components, you can generalize, specialize, and customize the program to fit your needs. Our focus on leadership, strategy, and the global business environment ensures our participants a profound understanding of the social, economic, and environmental aspects of international business, as well as the skills required put their visions into action.


The international mobility option enables you to complete part of the program in industry hubs around the world and is a defining feature of the HEC Paris Executive MBA. Learn how to analyze company dynamics and put corporate functions into context through case studies and strategic audits. Explore decision-making and change management, and develop new business strategies, models, and processes.

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FT Global MBA Ranking 2022: 11

Number Of Graduates Per Year: 280

Class Age Range: 25 - 35 years old

Work Experience range: 2 - 10 years

Female: 34%

Course Length: 16 months

Learning Format: Full Time

Start Dates: September or January

Application Deadlines: Rolling admissions

Employment: 92% employed within 3 months

Annual salary package (post MBA): $128,628

Admissions Requirements: Minimum of 2 years work experience, GMAT, GRE, 2 interviews, English test  

Read more about Admissions and requirements here 

Nationalities In Class: 93% international with 50+ different nationalities

Tuition: €78,000

Watch the HEC Paris MBA Experience video below

Meet our January 2022 intake here

FT Ranking: 3

Number Of Graduates Per Year: 250

Average Age: 38

Average Years of Work Experience: 14

Female: 30%

Course Length: 15-18 months

Learning Format: Part-time, either 2 days per week (Friday & Saturday) or in a modular format (9 days every other month)

Start Dates: January, February, March, September, November

Application Deadlines: Rolling admissions

Participants Who Get a Raise By Graduation: 70%

Admissions Requirements: Minimum of 8 years work experience,  GMAT, GRE, or in-house HEC management test, interview, English test (for non-native speakers)  

Nationalities In Class: 50 

Tuition: €86,000

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