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IMT Ghaziabad

Want to know how to choose the right GMAT accepting college in India? Watch our video interview with IMT Ghaziabad students and faculty to find out

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray13 Mar 2023

Considering taking the GMAT in India? One MBA student from IMT Ghaziabad explains what she learned about GMAT preparation

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray13 Mar 2023

While many GMAT takers in India opt to study abroad, there are benefits to remaining in India for business school. Find out the top three

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray22 Feb 2023

Are you considering taking the GMAT exam but don't know where to start? Discover the failsafe test-taking strategies you'll need to succeed in 2022 and find out more about IMT Ghaziabad's MBA

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray16 May 2022

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