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How I Used My GMAT In India To Launch A Management Career At Deloitte

Find out how this alum launched a successful consulting career after taking the GMAT helped him land a place at business school in India


Mon Jun 19 2023

Ten years ago, Mohit Kaushal took the GMAT examination with hopes of securing a place at a top business school. 

A former process advisor for British multinational bank, Barclays, Mohit decided to take the GMAT to gain a place at business school and expand his career. 

Gaining a strong score helped him land a spot at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, one of India's top-ranked private business schools. 

The program helped Mohit develop his skills and expand his network, providing the launchpad to embark on a successful journey after graduation. 

Now, 10 years since taking the GMAT, he is a manager for big four accounting and professional services firm, Deloitte.

Kickstarting a successful business career with the GMAT 

Business school led Mohit to an exciting career working across a range of roles. Since graduating from IMT, he has worked in HR business partnering, talent acquisition and people analytics, before landing his current managerial role at Deloitte.

At the early stage of his career, Mohit chose to take the GMAT exam hoping that the qualification would open doors for him at a multitude of business schools. 

The world-renowned exam evaluates an individual's business acumen before they enter business school. It has become a vital tool for those seeking to secure places at top business schools across India, with over 100 schools accepting GMAT takers. 

For aspiring professionals like Mohit, the GMAT is a good way to apply analytical, quantitative, verbal and written skills to a diverse range of concepts and business scenarios. Mohit recalls that the exam was a crucial steppingstone setting the foundation for his successful career.

“The logical thinking aspects to the exam are things I still use in my role today, as part of my role involves lots of analytical thinking and statistical analysis,” he says. 

For many recruiters, a strong GMAT score is an indicator of your aptitude and understanding of key business principles and may enhance your chances of securing employment with top businesses after you graduate. 

“The GMAT opens a lot of doors for you, whether that is inside or outside of India. But most of all it led to me gaining a place at IMT which is what gave me a platform to different opportunities,” says Mohit. 

Students from IMT Ghaziabad can benefit from a range of experiential learning opportunities which can open doors for success while they study. Many students in the past have managed to secure internships with a range of top companies from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and ICICI Bank.

Connecting with other professionals at IMT Ghaziabad

During his time at IMT Ghaziabad, Mohit made the most of opportunities to connect with other professionals and build his business network. 

IMT Ghaziabad’s strong alumni network provides students with a valuable platform to connect with professionals in their desired fields during regular alumni events, guest lectures, and networking sessions. 

For Mohit, connections made with other members of his course were invaluable in helping him discover new interests and opportunities. 

“While the GMAT helped me in the early phase of my career, learning from others and learning on the job is what really helped me to accelerate further into my career later on in life,” Mohit explains. 

Upon arriving at IMT, Mohit initially did not know which sector he wanted to enter after graduation. Through exploring his interests and connecting with people who came from backgrounds different to his own, he was able to expand both personally and professionally and take steps towards his current role. 

 “Business school is a critical time to find what your passion is. I would recommend that, if you are in business school, take this time to find your passion and take your career from there,” he advises.

IMT Ghaziabad focuses on providing students with a strong understanding of different areas of management, equipping them with a foundation of skills and knowledge. 

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different topics and establish your expertise across many fields. 

At the beginning of your studies, you will be given the opportunity to grasp the basics of accounting, communication, management, and business statistics, skills which are imperative for your career success.

IMT Ghaziabad gives you the platform to delve deeper into your learning, offering you the chance to cover topics ranging from marketing management, organizational behavior, operations and supply chain management to human resource management. 

The educational and networking opportunities which Mohit made the most out of during his time at IMT Ghaziabad led to him finding his dream career path. 

Since graduating Mohit has launched a career with Deloitte, one of the world's most prestigious firms offering accounting and consultancy practices. Within his role, Mohit works with clients and uses data-driven analysis to provide insights and business solutions for clients. 

He first became interested in an analytics career after meeting members of his cohort who were passionate about the area. 

“Being around such a diverse cohort with different interests to my own then increased my interest in analytics, which is now a core part of my work,” he adds. 

For Mohit, the GMAT was just the beginning of his expansive career. In a competitive business landscape, the GMAT can open doors to prestigious business schools, professional networks, and exciting opportunities. 

 It can be a powerful first step towards success, providing you with a solid foundation to build a successful business career in India.