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SP Jain School of Global Management

Business may be universal, but there is no universal way of doing business. A conventional business education may give you the skills to excel in one country, but what about all the others?
At SP Jain, you will learn how business practices differ around the world. Our multi-country learning model provides a unique opportunity for global exposure and experience. This will give you the edge in a competitive global business environment.

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Top management positions increasingly go to global citizens – people who have lived overseas and therefore, understand many business cultures. Get this edge with our Global MBA program, where every student lives and studies in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The program provides insight into some of the latest and most innovative areas of business management, and focuses specially on helping students appreciate, accept and adapt to different business and cultural environments.
We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. That’s why, as a postgraduate student at S P Jain, you will be engaged and motivated using a wide variety of teaching tools like simulations, online lessons, decision-making laboratories, global immersion exercises, guest lectures, industry sessions, research projects, student boardrooms and interactive discussions.
A vibrant new feature of the postgraduate curriculum is the introduction of a Blended Model of Learning. Conventional MBA programs are made of a combination of knowledge-centric courses and their application in the real world. S P Jain’s recently revamped postgraduate curriculum, on the other hand, uses advanced online tools (like webinars, multimedia lessons, problem solving sessions) to deliver foundational and knowledge-based courses to students. It is believed that the discipline of online learning enhances LEARNING AGILITY (the ability to self-learn) and BETTER RETENTION OF BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS since students learn at a pace that suits them.
On campus, the focus is on more advanced application-based topics that teach students to:
  • Ask the right questions to frame issues
  • Use the right tools to analyse data
  • Synthesise information to create value
  • Innovate using Design Thinking
  • Use digital technology to develop high quality solutions; and
  • Add value to future employers

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SP Jain is a world-class business school with campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Our education ethos is strongly influenced by our mission of crafting global business leaders for the 21st-century workplace. We pride ourselves on providing a learning experience that is modern, relevant and truly global.

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SP Jain School of Global Management




On Campus


When I took admission in SPJIMR, I knew it was a good college, but only spent time there I realized that is actually better than I thought. While one could be forgiven for running after the iim tag, I strongly suggest joining SPJIMR for the following reasons, if you are not getting a call from either of iim-a, b, C, L and may be K. might seem a small thing, but having campus in Mumbai means easy access to companies for love projects, internships, guest lectures, placements, exposure and experience. I have a strong stance against reservations. Despite me being right or wrong, I realized that since SPJIMR has no reservations, it ends up getting a very good mix of students from different backgrounds. Even those who I didn't like that much in the beginning ended up impressing me one way or the other. Profile based calls: SPJIMR gives a good importance to your cv, your background beyond academics.. This again contributes to a very healthy mix of students who always bring something new to the table.Management while SPJIMR has always had good faculty, recently there has been a change in management which has only been impressive from what I have heard since the college asks you to select your Specialization before admission only, it helps you to focus on it from the start, and the companies also appreciate it. Hope the above points help you in making a better choice.