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Villanova School of Business

Careers in accounting are increasingly popular among business school grads but is accounting a good career path for you?

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Delving into the evolving landscape of finance, find out the top three finance skills that employers are actively seeking in 2024

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray6 Feb 2024

Since studying for a Master of Science in Finance, Richard Bohny has opened many exciting doors in his career from investment banking to working for a fintech startup

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray4 Sep 2023

If you’re interested in a career in tax, you’ll need to be ahead of the changes that are taking place in the industry

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray12 Jul 2023

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Villanova School of Business




On Campus

Socio-economically homogenous

I graduated in the late 80s and I'm sure a few more National championships have changed things, however while the education I received was above average (English major), the social circumstances were difficult, as the "Main Line" mentality of privilege (and driving the right car, wearing the right clothes) was intense.