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Why Go to Business School in 2013?

Our 2013 candidates have plenty of good reasons, from maximising their qualifications during the downturn to switching industries

By  Aaron Francis Chan

Thu Jan 3 2013


Here at BusinessBecause, we’ve tapped into our network of ambitious young professionals to see what makes them tick and why they want to go to business school in 2013. 

We offered a useful copy of the GMAT Review, generously provided by Wiley publishers, for the best answer to the question: “Why do you want to go to business school in 2013?” and encountered the entire gamut of responses! 

Some want to build up their business skills; others want to go into business for themselves. For Andrey Rasseykin, 13 is simply his lucky number, so he might as well take his chances. 

For Charlotte Felix-Faur, business school is a means to better understand the world and the way people live and do business in it. Charlotte wants use an MBA as a stepping-stone for more schooling. She hopes to one day do a PhD in Social Entrepreneurship and Strategy in order to further build her budding design company. 

Charlie Ng from Malaysia agrees, noting that “ignorance is the curse of God” and that knowledge is the best way to free oneself from that curse. 

Bohumil Vosalik from the Czech Republic compares going to business school with having an eye operation that will help him see the world of business, commerce and life with renewed clarity and purpose, helping him make “a durable change in other people’s lives.”

For others, business school is a great way to improve career prospects. Saurabh Jindal of India wants to use a business education to maximize his qualifications and wait out the business cycle while the current downturn is in full swing, as does April Symers of Weybridge, UK. Duygu Aysun of Turkey wants to build on her previous experience studying Media and Communications at the LSE and at Deloitte Istanbul in order to build up the kinds of skills it would take to run a major media organization one day. 

Tarah S wants to pick up the skills necessary to make it as a female marketing professional in the real estate and professional services sectors. Anthony Onyeahialam also wants to find the skills and “cross-cultural awareness” that will help him become an innovative leader with a global perspective in Nigeria. Finally, Dhinhawati Sembiring wants to apply in 2013 simply because she believes herself ready. 

Business school is challenging and expensive. Getting in is no easy feat and to succeed as an MBA student is even harder. That’s why it makes sense to be prepared. Not just mentally - that’s where the GMAT Review comes in - but also emotionally.  

This is why every person applying to business school can gain a lot by taking a long, hard look within themselves to see what they really want out of the experience, and also meet as many people from the b-school world as possible. Our ten respondents have figured out their own reasons. What are yours?