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Villanova School of Business Q+A

By  Sunny Li

Fri May 14 2010


Monica Young and plastic surgeon John H. Moore Jr., MD, Doctor of Nursing Practice Project  

Where did you grow up?

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania (suburban Philadelphia).           

You are the Director of Nursing Operations at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Methodist Division, in Pennsylvania. Have you always had an interest in the healthcare industry?

I have worked in diverse roles in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. I can’t say that I was always interested in healthcare; my exposure to healthcare as a teenager was limited and I was initially drawn to the arts. 

My desire to become a nurse was fostered during my senior year of high school. During my final year of nursing school, I was given the opportunity to scrub an OR (operating room) case. I immediately fell in love with the surgical setting and the rest is history.  

How much has the healthcare industry changed since you started your career? 

The healthcare industry has changed dramatically since I started my career. Healthcare outcomes have become transparent and many hospitals have either closed or merged as reimbursement for medical care has changed and there are much stricter regulations from governing bodies.

What's your motivation behind going for an EMBA now, as you've already established a career? 

My motivation for going for an EMBA now is rooted in my awareness of the ongoing evolution of the healthcare industry. I am a nursing administrator who is responsible for many of the hospital’s cost centers. As the healthcare environment has become highly competitive, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals in leadership positions to be highly competent in business performance.  

What classes from your EMBA program are you enjoying the most? 

I have actually enjoyed them all, as the faculty is highly engaging and makes the learning process interesting. One of the most unique benefits of the program is the opportunity to meet with an executive coach twice a month to develop my leadership skills. 

Why Villanova School of Business? 

When researching business schools in the area I was most impressed with the curriculum and structure of this program. I don’t have any previous business education and it was important to have classroom experience rather than online. I also like the fact that the classes were offered on the weekends, as my job does not always allow me to make class during the weekday evenings. 

You are currently on a "study trip" in Vietnam and Malaysia with your classmates. What is the purpose of this trip and what does the class want to achieve as a whole? 

The purpose of this trip was to become familiar with challenges of conducting business in emerging markets. As a whole, our class wanted to be able to apply our classroom studies of Global Management and Strategy in Emerging Markets into on-site, real-world applications. We were able to attend seven corporate site visits while in Vietnam and Malaysia.  

How is your MBA degree going to impact your career later?           

Having an MBA will allow me to expand my career beyond nursing administration. This degree will prepare me for any type of executive position, hence the name of the program, Executive MBA.   

What advice can you give for others who are considering doing an Executive MBA? 

An Executive MBA goes beyond earning a degree. You form close relationships and create a new network of highly trained professionals as you spend 21 months together.  The program is a serious commitment of time but I am finding that it goes by very quickly.