Male Applicant Gatecrashes Women-Only MBA Event

Spaniard didn't want his French employers to find out that he's applying for an MBA

We met "Jon" at the Forte Foundation's "MBA Value Proposition" event at Chicago Booth's campus in the City of London. For someone who wants to remain inconspicuous, it's not altogether clear why Jon showed up at an event exclusively for women.

However, the enigmatic Spaniard wasn't shy about name-dropping the elite schools he's targeting: MIT Sloan, Columbia and Harvard Business School.

Unfortunately we lost "Jon's" business card on the night, so we haven't been able to let him know about his two minutes of fame. If anyone out there knows who this is, please can you forward the link to him and tell him we said thanks.

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We interview the only male at Forte Women's MBA applicants event from businessbecause on Vimeo.

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