5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Applying For An MBA

Applying for an MBA is a process that starts long before you hit submit on your application

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Oxessays. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at Letsgoandlearn.com

Are you sitting on the fence while deciding whether it’s the right time to attend business school?

After all, no matter what stage you are at in your career—whether you’re still a student or working your way up the career ladder—this is not a light decision, and it needs a considerable amount of thought.

Some of the main concerns include putting on hold everything you’ve achieved in your career so far, investing a considerable amount of time into the course over the next few years and, of course, money.

Here are five questions to ask yourself before applying for an MBA.

1. Has It Worked for Others in the Past?

Of course, everybody in the world is in a different position, but considering other people’s...

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