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Brexit & Terrorism Are Impacting Where Applicants Go To Business School In Europe

One-in-two applicants we surveyed said geopolitical issues in Europe have a significant impact on their choice of business school

Wed Nov 28 2018

A lot has been written on the effect of the political environment on applications to business schools in the United States. But Europe is not immune to political disruption.

Recent years have seen the Brexit vote, Catalonia declare independence from Spain, the rise of far-right groups, and the persistent threat of terror attacks.

These trends have been accompanied by unwelcome headlines, sensationalist news coverage, and Donald Trump’s twitter tirades on terrorism.

So, why is this important? Well, these headlines, this noise, can impact an applicant’s decision on where to apply to business school.

At BusinessBecause, we conducted our own survey of 150 business school applicants between August and September 2018.

We asked our survey respondents: On a scale of one-to-10 (one: not at all; six or above: a significant amount; 10: the most) how far do wider political issues in Europe impact your business school application?

Over half...

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