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Webinar | Workshop: Business Is Personal, Your Application Should Be Too!

Find out how to ace your business school application with Arizona State University WP Carey ©WP Carey Facebook

By  Business Because

Fri Jan 27 2023

Business school application can be a stressful process, and trying to find a way to stand out is often a tricky task. 

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, delivered in partnership with Arizona State University WP Carey, we reveal key tips and advice on using personal touches to ace your business application. 

To find out all you need to know to apply to graduate b-school, BusinessBecause editor Sian Phillips spoke with director of graduate programs, Rebecca Mallen-Churchill, director of graduate recruitment and admissions at WP Carey, to take you through the application process and to answer attendees' burning questions.

Key Takeaways from this webinar:

→ What not to include on your college application - and mistakes to avoid.

→ Find out who to choose as your recommenders and why.

→ Learn what is important to the admissions team - GPA/GMAT/GRE or work experience?