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Two Years On, Top Female Management Consultants Return To SAIF To Share Their Wisdom

SAIF Class of 2009 graduates Zhu Shu and Yang Yan work for Bain Capital and LEK Consulting respectively

SAIF’s Career Development Center invited two successful alumni from the class of 2009, who are now working at top management consulting firms in Shanghai, to speak at a workshop for Masters in Finance and MBA students.

Zhu Shu and Yang Yan graduated from SAIF (the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance) currently work for Bain Capital and L.E.K. Consulting respectively. They both enjoyed their time at SAIF and the opportunities it gave them to move their careers ahead, and returned to share some useful advice with current SAIF students.

The two dynamic females kicked off the workshop by exploring career paths within consulting firms and outlining the various ways those who want to enter the industry can do so.

They introduced current SAIF students to the range of skills needed to navigate projects in the consulting industry. These includebeing able to capture the market size, conduct competitor analysis, structural thinking, as well as the ability to work as part of a team.

They both highlighted client-facing skills as crucial to success in the consulting world. Consultants should always position themselves as an owner rather than just an executor of a project, they said.

Their presentation was followed by a Q&A session in which they tackled frequently asked interview questions.

Those who attended this event definitely got the inside scoop of life in the consulting world. The SAIF students who attended the event felt inspired, amd better equipped to embark on the road to consulting.

One of them said, “The experience from the alumni is most useful to us. I feel more intrigued and also more confident in getting a consulting job!” 


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