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First Weeks At the Australian Graduate School of Management

Two weeks into the most time-consuming and expensive labor he's ever undertaken, SuperKris shares his thoughts on Australia's top MBA programme,

So I'd been working for a couple of years and enjoyed the experience, but I saw room for growth. That's what led me to start preparing for an MBA: a journey that is time-consuming, expensive and a major step in my life and career.

What expectations does a person normally have before starting an MBA? Lots of hard work, long and busy days, multiple assignments and banging your head over new subjects would probably be among them.

Well, many of us here at AGSM, Sydney also had similar notions. But that was before we got started.   We’ll soon be two weeks into the program and so far I’d say that if your objective in life is

  1. To learn from people from different countries and cultures;
  2. To explore and appreciate diversity; and
  3. To interact with people from different professional fields;

then the AGSM MBA could be perfect for you. Over the last two weeks, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our class. I feel that the school places more stress on the learning than the grades.   Here’s a lesson: the first step towards becoming an effective manager is to know yourself and your team. So called “soft skills” are actually “harder skills“, much harder than economics, finance or marketing, because they teach you the art of managing people. And if you can master that then most problems can be taken care of.    


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