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The 10 Best US Business Schools For Getting A Job At BCG

Want a job at The Boston Consulting Group? Go to these top-ranked business schools

Fri Sep 7 2018

For MBA students interested in consulting careers, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one name that elicits hushed tones in business school corridors across the country.

To land a position at one of BCG’s 90 global firms can be a competitive process. Not only is BCG one of the world’s leading advisors on business strategy, it claimed fourth place in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018.

If current b-schoolers take a closer look at the Boston Consulting Group’s recruitment practices, they might be pleased to learn that the company has a mostly transparent approach to hiring. The BCG website has a search feature to help students discover more information about a particular program’s current partnership with BCG, including recruitment specialist contacts, and event information.

Inquiring minds are also encouraged to complete a profile on the BCG website. Enrolling in one of BCG’s Summer Internships or Fellows Program won’t hurt your chances either.

The following 10 schools have a long-standing history of job placement at BCG and provide unmatched opportunities for engagement with recruiters.

Here’s the 10 best US MBA programs for getting a job at BCG:


1. MIT Sloan School of Management

Last year, nearly one out of five consulting majors landed a job at BCG. The company hired 21 graduates from MIT Sloan School of Management’s 2017 class, a high number for the 342 students seeking employment. Of these students, 32.1% sought opportunities in consulting. At a recent lecture by Sandra Moose—BCG’s first female Management Consultant—Sandra emphasized a vital principle of BCG’s company culture: active listening. Her advice for aspiring BCG consultants: “'Synthesize what you heard and play it back'.


2. Kellogg School of Management

Consulting has long been Kellogg’s most popular concentration. BCG was the prevalent choice for 33% of students who studied consulting, second to the ever-popular McKinsey & Company. Out of 556 graduates who sought employment in 2017, the Boston Consulting group hired 29. BCG’s website lists hundreds of Kellogg alumni who are currently employed with the business, with 121 in consulting alone.


3. Columbia Business School

In 2017, 33.1% of Columbia Business School’s 777 graduate students chose to pursue consulting. While an overwhelming number of graduates opted for entrepreneurial ventures, 55 students accepted positions with McKinsey & Company, BCG was the second most popular employer with 34 new graduates hires—8 interns who were invited to stay with the company and 28 new applicants.

UCLA Anderson

4. University of California, Los Angeles – Anderson School of Management

According to Anderson School of Management’s 2017 employment report, up to 15 graduates were hired to work at BCG. International students were chosen for several of these positions. 215 students at UCLA Anderson sought employment. 21.4% of those students were looking for consulting positions.


5. University of Michigan – Ross

Out of the many companies that recruit Ross students, BCG is ranked in the top six. 105 students, 32.7% of which make up the consulting class, applied to jobs after graduation. Ross’ signature program for consulting students is the MAP program, during which students spend seven weeks addressing a chosen company’s business challenges.


6. Harvard Business School

Rich Lesser, the CEO of BCG, is a Harvard Business School graduate. Harvard has a strong partnership with the company, hosting several events throughout the year for the 23% of students in consulting. BCG is also listed as a top hiring organization. Graduate Jon Malankar writes of his experience with BCG recruiters: 'As I look back on that hectic fall of last year, what stuck out most was BCG’s transparency and openness. They brought the most associates to campus for their opening info session. They held a wealth of dinners, mixers, and coffee chats above and beyond what other firms offered.'


7. University of Virginia – Darden

Darden boasts first place in US News and World Report’s ranking for Career Placement of Top 20 Business Schools. BCG hired 'three or more' graduates from the 2017 class, in which 34% of students studied consulting. One or more of theses students were chosen for international BCG positions.


8. University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

BCG also hired more than three graduates from the Wharton School’s 2017 graduating class. 756 students sought employment, with 23% concentrating in consulting.


9. Dartmouth College - Tuck School of Business

Tuck’s Global Consulting course launches new projects each year that are committed to making a global impact. 33% of Tuck students choose consulting. 257 of those graduates seek employment. According to the BCG website, there are eight recruitment specialists who actively work with Tuck to help students learn more about BCG opportunities on campus. 

Stanford GSB

10. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Even though only 20% of Stanford School of Business graduates study consulting, BCG maintains strong ties with the school. Nine BCG recruiting specialists are connected with graduates in a range of on-campus activities throughout the school year. 

The data in this article has been sourced from business school websites as well as BCG's website.