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The 10 Best US Business Schools For Getting A Job At Bain & Company

Bain hires up to 500 MBAs into consulting positions each year


Thu Jun 7 2018

Bain & Company is one of the top management consulting firms in the world. With more than 8,000 employees across 56 locations, Bain is always on the look out for top talent.

Just ask Keith Bevans, Bain’s global head of consulting recruitment, who plans to hire 500 MBAs into consulting positions at Bain this year. BusinessBecause caught up with Keith in January. Read: What does Bain & Company want from its MBA hires in 2018?

While sheer talent always garners attention, having inside connections can give you the extra edge. These 10 schools have a history of placing many students with consulting firms like Bain and have a substantial number of former Bain employees currently enrolled who can help you develop that edge.

Here’s 10 of the best business schools for getting a job at Bain:


1. The Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania

With 28.3% of its graduates going into consulting, it is not shocking that Wharton would have a high placement rate with Bain. More than just a popular employer of Wharton MBAs, there are 51 former Bain employees currently enrolled at Wharton who can help students learn more about the culture at Bain, complementing the comprehensive knowledge that students develop in the program.


2. Harvard Business School

In Harvard’s class of 2018, there are 68 former Bain employees who can provide great insights to those who are interested in the field of consulting. Combined with Harvard’s real-world curriculum, which provides students with many opportunities to develop their decision-making and leadership skills, this insider knowledge can give an applicant a great advantage over others.


3. Stanford Graduate School of Business

With the personalized nature of the school’s full-time program, Stanford MBAs are able to tailor their education to prepare themselves for future careers in consulting. This program has been very successful, with 20% of 2017 graduates going into the field. In terms of inside information, there are 33 former Bain employees in the class of 2018, all of whom can provide important insights to those who are interested in working for the firm.


4. Kellogg School of Management

The real-world curriculum at Kellogg prepares its students for the rigors and demands of Bain. Of the class of 2017, 28 students were hired by Bain & Company. Other students who are interested in working at the firm can gain greater knowledge of its culture and demands by talking with one of the 44 former Bain employees enrolled at Kellogg.


5. Columbia Business School

Columbia has a distinct advantage over other schools due to its prime location in Manhattan. Students’ ability to access the many business minds on Wall Street has made it a major recruiting location for Bain, which hired 27 students from the class of 2017. Students who want to join Bain can learn more about the firm from the 17 previous Bain employees who are currently enrolled at the school.   


6. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

With the ability to gain knowledge in various forms of management during their education, Booth graduates are well prepared for any challenge they may face in consulting. Bain can see the value in such knowledge because the firm hired 22 students from the class of 2017. Bain maintains a strong presence on the campus through the 31 students who are former employees of the firm and can provide tips for those who want to work for the firm.

MIT Sloan

7. MIT Sloan School of Management

Sloan has a history of preparing smart, talented MBAs who are ready to take on any challenge. Located in Bain’s backyard, Sloan is a popular destination for former Bain employees, enrolling 29 in the classes of 2018 and 2019. Bain also recruits new employees from Sloan; Bain hired 19 students from the class of 2017, making it one of the greatest hirers of Sloan students.

Duke Fuqua

8. Duke University Fuqua School of Business

The Fuqua School of Business provides the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum, which provides students with real-world consulting experience, better preparing them for the challenges that they will face as professional consultants. The skills provided to students through this program are appealing to Bain because the firm hired 17 students from the class of 2017. Those thinking about a career at Bain can gain insight on the firm from one of 10 former employees currently enrolled at Fuqua.

NYU Stern

9. NYU Stern School of Business

Stern offers two major advantages over other business schools. The first is a program that stresses academic breadth and real-world preparation. The other is its location. Situated in lower Manhattan, Stern students have access to financial and consulting powerhouses, including Bain. Although there are currently only five former Bain employees at Stern, 28% of the class of 2017 went into consulting, with Bain being one of the largest employers.


10. Yale School of Management

There are currently nine students at Yale who were former employees of Bain & Company. The insights that they can provide as former employees can supplement the knowledge that Yale students gain about international business, decision-making, and analysis. Many consulting firms, including Bain, can see the talent in Yale students because they have hired 35.9% of the class of 2017.

The data in this article has been sourced from business school websites as well as Bain's website.