10 Of The Best US Business Schools For Military Veterans

Going back to school after your military career can give you a huge employment boost. In honor of Veteran’s Day, we highlight some of the best MBAs for military veterans

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, only 44% of military veterans across the US are in employment—this is compared to 61% of non-veterans.

Now, veterans are increasingly turning to MBAs to open up employment doors—in 2012, 8.1% of all MBA enrollments were veterans, a climb of 3.7% since 2010.

And there’s plenty of business schools in the US that make it easier for veterans to get a head start in the business world, with scholarships, GMAT waivers, and specialist MBA programs for servicemen all helping veterans go into graduate education.

So to celebrate Veterans Day, we've chosen our pick of the best business schools for military veterans:

1. Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business


Fisher provide plenty of benefits for veterans pursuing their MBA, including an application fee waiver, in-state tuition, and merit-based funding. Most recently, they’ve also introduced a GMAT waiver for military veterans.

Paul North, executive director of graduate programs at Fisher, says that having veterans in the classroom can also benefit other students.

“We know that diversity of thought and work experience is vital for an engaged classroom,” he says. “Veterans bring this diversity to the program to help their classmates grow and thrive in this community.”

“MBA programs value the work ethic and the skillsets Veterans bring to the classroom in the areas of leadership and teamwork,” adds Sarah Campbell, senior assistant director of MBA recruiting and admissions. “Our military student population brings a unique perspective that  enriches the classroom experience.”

2. Georgetown University McDonough School...

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