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Shanghai Picnic

Benetton-esque students at Asia's top business school chill amid buckets of KFC

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No wonder 92% of these guys get employed within three months of graduation, making theirs the first Asian MBA to make the FT's top ten.

Nations present at this picnic include such emerging powers as Argentina, India, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as Canada, Japan and Austria, presided over by a reclining Californian in a baseball cap.

It sounds like what they love most about CEIBS is something called "the catapult". Maybe CEIBS has hit on a new regimen for turning out highly competitive graduates with great taste in shades.


Tuesday 2nd June 2009, 22.14 (UTC)


Can we see the catapult? What is it???!!

Saturday 18th July 2009, 00.21 (UTC)


I'm from Wigan, is that cool enough? I know someone with a man-catapult, but people have died so it's frowned upon now.

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