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Experts Tackle Hot Finance Issues At SAIF!

From the ex-Chair of the Federal Reserve to investment guru Larry Williams, and trading games where the winner gets an internship in New York, SAIF's finance forums are buzzing

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Mon Jun 18 2012

In its effort to develop top talent and cutting edge knowledge for China’s finance sector, the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) has hosted world famous expert speakers on everything from monetary policy to stock trading strategies in recent weeks.

SAIF's international faculty already consists of scholars from leading business schools around the world; but students also have access to conferences that attract renowned figures in finance from all over the world.

Notable guests from this year include traders from top New York firms who taught students stock trading strategies; investment guru Larry Williams sharing his experience of growing $100,000 to $1.1 million in one year; and ex-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board, Paul Volcker speaking on the global economic reform. 

The Third Shanghai Finance Forum examined nternational monetary reform and was held on 18 February 2012. The Forum was hosted in partnership with the China Finance Research Institute (CAFR) and with support and guidance of the Shanghai Branch of Xinhua News Agency and the Shanghai Financial Services Office.

The event attracted over one thousand Chinese and foreign government officials, academic experts and industry representatives as well as professionals from international financial institutions. 

Eswar Prasad, Former Chief of Financial Studies in the China Division at International Monetary Fund and also Professor of Economics at Cornell University delivered the keynote speech on the reform of the international monetary system and Renminibi(RMB) internationalization.

He indicated that China has made considerable progress in the internationalization of the RMB over the past two years but that for RMB to "go global" the steady economic growth and national competitive strengths needed to be maintained, as well as steady improvement of macro-economic management.

Prof. Wang Jiang, Chair of the Academic Advisory Council and special-term Professor of Finance at SAIF, and Mizuho Financial Group Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, stressed in his closing address that the ultimate goal does not just lie in RMB internationalization but overall financial reform. The issues arising from China’s financial development demand continuous attention and joint efforts from both the industry and academia, he said. 

In March, the newly-formed Student Association hosted three US-based stock traders, addressing students on how to become a stock market guru. The speakers were Mr. Robert Gold (Golden Market Management), Mr. Eddie Soleymani (Lynx Capital Partners), and Mr. Andrew Friis (Schonfeld Capitol Group). They shared their trading strategies and discussed lessons that students could apply to trading in China. They considered passion, concentration, self-discipline as well as learning ability as four key factors to be an excellent trader.

At the interactive session, a simulated U.S stock trading contest was announced. The top ten players would have the opportunity to win an internship in New York with their flights paid for!

April saw a forum on investment strategies in private equity. The themes discussed were the application of quantitative investment strategies in the Chinese Securities Market, and  how to control risks in Private Equity.

Industry and academic leaders were brought together to share ideas of how to optimize Shanghai’s private equity industry. Larry Williams, an Investment guru and inventor of Percent Range, an indicator that traders use to determine over-bought or over-sold conditions and reversals in market trends, was invited as a keynote speaker. The forum aimed to establish a high-end, systematic and pragmatic platform to share advanced knowledge and innovative practices in the private equity industry.

Larry Williams was also invited to speak at the SAIF Executive Development Program Open Class where he shared wisdon from his 50 years of investment. Mr. Williams explained his approache to money management using an example of how he traded $100,000 into $1.1 million in one year !  

At the end of lecture, fans of Mr. Williams including traders who are actually using his strategies shared more experiences. Students were glad to meet their hero face-to-face, as well as getting pictures and autographs. 


Finally, in May the International Finance Forum's conference discussed solutions to global economic recovery and Chinese financial reform in a new global economy. 

World renowned financiers including Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board; Cheng Siwei, former Chairman of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board; and  Zhu Min, Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund were brought together to share their ideas on global financial frameworks, regulation, and the outlook of China’s economy. They also examined other key issues of global financial recovery such as financial innovation, Eurozone rescue funds, and how emerging economies cope with financial crises and currency reform.