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RANKED: The World's 20 Best Business Schools For Executive Education

An executive education course could lead to a pay rise and promotion

Tue May 16 2017

An executive education program is an effective way to learn new skills, and may contribute to getting you a promotion and salary increase. 

The Financial Times ranks the world’s best business schools for executive education, based largely on participants’ satisfaction, plus schools’ revenue growth and their international reach and faculty diversity. 

The ranking is split into open-enrolment and customised programs, in which corporations work with schools to develop tailor-made learning solutions. An ultimate ranking combines business schools’ ranks in both. 

Many of the top schools in executive education are in Europe. IMD of Switzerland comes top in the 2017 ranking of open-enrolment courses, which are open to all working managers. IESE Business School of Spain holds the top spot in the custom ranking. 

But there are good options available in North America. One notable performance was from Harvard Business School, which rose nine places to fifth in the custom ranking. MIT Sloan School of Management was ranked best for the quality of its participants in the open-enrolment ranking. 

In Asia, the Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is ranked for the first time in the open ranking, at 32. 

Here are the best business schools overall for executive education: 


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