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I Got A New Job AND Made The Triple Jump Halfway Through My Online EMBA

Country, sector, and role, Massimiliano Sormani changed them all during the cutting-edge International Flex EMBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano


By  Samantha Wernham

Wed Oct 10 2018

Before the EMBA which rocketed his career to new heights, Massimiliano Sormani had worked for two multinational companies in Italy as a project manager.

He was wary of a stagnating career and falling into the trap of comfort at work, and so sought an MBA to grow his skillset and ignite professional progress.

However, he felt unable to quit his job and dedicate himself full-time to the traditional program.

This is when Massimiliano came across the pioneering International Flex EMBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano. Delivered largely online, this online EMBA with two on-site international weeks is designed with Microsoft tech to allow students to customize their own flexible learning experience.

Thrilled with the outcome, the Italian-born businessman has recently made the sought-after ‘triple jump’, changing country, sector and role.

BusinessBecause caught up with Massimiliano to find out more:

Why did you decide to pursue the IFlex EMBA?

As project manager for Saipem, I realized something was missing. I needed to improve my financial and economic knowledge, which is crucial nowadays in any top business career.

I had toyed with the idea of an MBA before, having heard great things about the benefits of the course in terms of broadening your skillset and boosting your credentials.

When I saw MIP’s Flex EMBA, in particular the IFlex EMBA which is internationally-focused, I was immediately drawn to it. The course is so flexible, accommodating hectic work schedules and personal commitments. 

I was also attracted to the international aspect of the program, having worked in large global companies all my life. Encountering different people from various parts of the world is something I find enriching and productive as you can learn and gain so much from others.

I became aware that learning is a never-ending process, and it is never too late to challenge and improve yourself. I wanted to expand my perspective and give myself more opportunities to further enhance my CV. Life is a never-ending path, and I never want to settle and stagnate.

Why MIP Politecnico di Milano?

First of all, I was already aware of MIP’s great reputation whilst studying for my undergrad at the Polytechnic University of Milan. Spending a lot of time just across the road from the business school, I had admired their impressive and functional headquarters before!

Secondly, I was looking around for a really flexible program that would enable me to still keep my job as well as study. This is something which MIP champions and does so well.

When I discovered that the IFlex EMBA program had been launched, combining unbeatable flexibility with an international outlook, I thought to myself, ‘that’s the one for me!’

Do you think the popularity of flexible, distance learning EMBAs will grow in the future?

Definitely. I have to admit, initially I was skeptical when attending open days. Would it really work? Can it be done? Is it possible to juggle worklife and studying, and do both to a high standard?

I’m so glad I went ahead and trusted MIP. The course is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone. Although you are not sitting physically alongside your colleagues, you have so much opportunity to exchange experiences and to network with a wide range of international students. 

Be warned, it’s not all plain sailing. It is a challenge to balance studying for the EMBA as well as dedicating yourself to a full-time demanding role. But the combination of a flexible, personalized timetable along with a high-quality learning program makes it not only achievable but also very rewarding. 

How is the IFlex EMBA going to help you achieve success in the future?

Already, thanks to MIP and the International Flex EMBA, I have recently begun a new journey, making the so-called ‘triple jump’ in my career path. I have been relocated to Brussels to work as a line manager for Yara International.

Ultimately, I think I now have a much broader outlook, having interacted with people from different sectors, jobs and cultures. My current employer has commented on my ability to see things from different perspectives and viewpoints, and I put my enriched mindset down to the Flex EMBA.