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From Silicon Valley To Shanghai: The EMBA Where Students Learn In 5 Cities Over 18 Months

International trips are a core component of many EMBA degrees, but alumni from the TRIUM Global EMBA say it’s uniquely international


Wed Feb 13 2019

Businesses today need to think global. And they need a workforce that mimics that mentality.

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA program—a joint program between the London School of Economics (LSE), NYU Stern, and HEC Paris—sees students learn about the latest global business trends at source, on-the-ground.

Modules one-to-six take place in London, California, Paris, New York, Shanghai, and Paris respectively.

Unique offerings at each destination

Angelo Norohan (pictured below, right) is a TRIUM alum who was thrilled with the wealth of expertise each destination on the 18-month program provided. LSE provides a stronghold for global political insight; NYU Stern, finance and strategy; and HEC Paris, the perfect springboard into Europe and the luxury market.


Having completed his MBA in 2002 from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Angelo wanted his EMBA to ensure his global knowledge was up to date for his international role. He graduated TRIUM in 2016 and is currently a company president engaging with 25 different nationalities, spread across 100 countries. 

He outlines the prestige of the three partner schools all with their own unique offerings as the main draw of TRIUM. This is not to mention Shanghai as a window into new, expanding business centers. This part of the program curates an understanding of China's place in the Asian and global market, looking into the impacts of the 12th Five Year Plan and the recent Plenum. 

“Learning about global trends at source is one of TRIUM’s strongest USP’s,” says Angelo.

The two-year program is varied; Angelo learnt everything from Bitcoin and how artificial intelligence will affect consumer behavior, to case studies as recent as ‘diesel gate’.

Professor Damodaran’s class on corporate finance at Stern (during Module 4) really stood out for Angelo. He says it equipped him with knowledge of financial levers and how best to manage a multinational business enterprise. Something clearly relevant to his role now.  

Angelo was pleased to be exploring the political impact on business, economics, and trade at a leading institution in the field, LSE.

He was even glad to be in London during tumultuous Brexit negotiations as he feels it provided an invaluable and topical case study which insight, from discussions with peers and faculty both in and out of the classroom, could be gleaned from.  

“TRIUM is still benefiting me greatly two years on in international business,” Angelo says. “It’s a truly global program. In the course material, the diversity of the cohort, and the strategic value that three institutes combined as one global learning platform creates.”

International community

Serbian by birth, Sandra Vujovic has more than 15 years’ experience driving digital innovation and business development in healthcare, energy, and FMCG in the US, Netherlands, China, and Dubai and graduated last year as part of the TRIUM Global EMBA class of 2018.

She highlights that the Module 2 visit to Singularity University, Silicon Valley—directly relevant to her new role working in multinational emerging tech markets— was particularly valuable.

This part of the program looks at the future of artificial intelligence, the hacker mindset, and healthcare. It also includes local visits to tech companies which Sandra found very insightful, as they were learning about entrepreneurship within the international heart of startups.

 “Through a global lens, TRIUM provides the business tools and critical thinking so that we can understand what’s happening now, in order to prepare for future business disruptions around the world,” Sandra explains.

International knowledge also helped in downtime as well. “No matter which country we were in (and there were many!) There was always someone on the program who could act as a guide," she smiles.

Sandra has volunteered to help lead Module 7 this year, an alumni-led component of TRIUM that they will host in Barcelona. This is a chance for alumni to reconnect and maintain the strength of the relationships built during their EMBA; maintaining global exposure for TRIUM’s 1,000 alumni spread across 90 countries worldwide.

The TRIUM Global EMBA in a nutshell? An inspirational, international and ambitious environment, says Sandra.

“There’s this feeling that you can achieve anything and reach anyone. The network is so global that I feel like I have two degrees of separation between anyone in the world.”