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GMAC Launches Online Executive Assessment

Candidates for Executive MBA programs can now register to take the Executive Assessment Online, created by GMAC and dubbed the GMAT for EMBAs

Fri May 1 2020


As of May 1 2020, Executive MBA candidates can register to take the Executive Assessment (EA) online. 

The EMBA admission test, administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), is the second standardized assessment to be moved online in the wake coronavirus, closely following the GMAT Online Exam.

Since test centers closed earlier this year, GMAC has been working to offer candidates online versions of their assessments. The EA Online will be an interim test-taking solution, available between May 5 and June 30. After this, GMAC will reevaluate whether the online version is still needed. 

Who should take the EA Online?

The EA is a standardized business school admissions test, launched in 2016 as an alternative to the GMAT for more experienced business school applicants. 

Currently, 90 business schools use the EA, including INSEAD, Wharton, and London Business School.

It is aimed primarily at EMBA candidates, and assesses the skills considered most crucial in the EMBA classroom.

At 90 minutes in duration, it is considerably shorter than the GMAT. It covers verbal, integrated reasoning, and quantitative questions, but does not include the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) that GMAT test-takers face.

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The EA generally requires less preparation than the GMAT, making it a good option for busy executives who will be balancing work and study. 

If you are applying to an EMBA program in 2020, and do not want to defer your application, taking the new EA Online could be the solution.

"Working professionals have come under significant strain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic," notes Manish Dharia, head of the EA product at GMAC. 

"It was important to us[...] to transition our focus to a solution that will empower them to continue their pursuit of an advanced business degree during these uncertain times."

GMAC emphasizes that the EA Online is a temporary solution, aimed primarily at candidates applying to business school in 2020. 

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How does the EA Online work?

To take the EA Online, you will need a laptop computer running a Windows or Mac operating system, and a good internet connection. 

Although the EA Online is available around the world, local regulations mean that it will not be delivered in regions including mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, and Slovenia. 

From May 1, candidates can book an EA Online testing slot between May 5 and June 30 2020, at any time of day. After June 30, GMAC will decide whether to continue online testing.

The online test is structured exactly like its in-person counterpart. It has the same sections, the same questions, the same time allocations, and the same scoring algorithm. For this reason, test-takers will not need to rethink their preparation strategy too much. 

The EA consists of three 30 minute sections: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal, and Quantitative. As you progress through the test, it will become easier or more difficult depending on how you perform. 

Candidates with disabilities can also apply for extra time to complete the assessment. Depending on their needs, this will mean a time extension of either 50% or 100%. 

The EA costs $350 to take both online and in a test center.

Register for the Executive Assessment Online