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Harvard MBAs Distribute Nets to Prevent Malaria

Harvard MBAs help to prevent Malaria, an EMBA for ‘tomorrow’s leaders’ and mixing business with bras, a trio of stories direct from the business school world

By  Sarah Halls

Thu May 6 2010

It would appear that not all Harvard MBAs are private equity junkies. Since March of this year, Esther Hsu, Paul Wang, David Luo and Suzy Brinded have used the knowledge gained in the classrooms of the Ivy League college to manage an NGO focused on malaria prevention.

The quartet have partnered with students from Harvard’s Kennedy School and Economics Department to lead TAMTAM, an acronym meaning Together Against Malaria Tunapenda Afya na Maisha, (Swahili for "We Love Health and Life").

Originally founded six years ago in Western Kenya by a group of economists at MIT, the Harvard group’s main objectives are: to hand out free bed nets and conduct operational research on bed net distribution avenues to refine optimal distribution practices.

The organisation has already distributed nets in Malawi, Burkina Faso, Kenya and other African nations affected by Malaria, a disease that infects 243 million people and kills 863,000 each year.

New Executive MBA at Aston Business School

Aston business school has launched a new Executive MBA in response to calls for the qualification to deliver a ‘transformed style of leader to meet the demands of a changing business world.’

Managers with at least five years of ‘senior’ experience are welcome to apply for the program.

Given the grilling that Fred Goodwin and Lloyd Blankfein received from financial authorities, the EMBA aims to address the issues that executives might face in a post-recession era, with modules such as sustainability and business ethics, crisis management and media awareness.

B is for business, breasts and bras!

When students at Babson College had to draw up a business plan, Christi Andersen knew exactly what she wanted to do. Fed up with the lack dainty and comfy lingerie for her 36DDD bosom, Andersen partnered with fellow MBA classmate Derek Ohly to hatch a bra fitting business plan. Now a fully fledged business called Zyrra, a play on the word ‘brassiere’ French for bra, Anderson and Ohly design and produce custom made bras for women.