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An Online MBA At EU Business School Helped This Entrepreneur Grow His Fitness Tech Startup

For fitness tech entrepreneur Eyal Kedem, a flexible online MBA was the perfect option

Wed Sep 27 2017

Eyal Kedem is the co-creator of fitness tech startup Fitness7xL, a company which uses whole body electro muscle stimulation to make exercising more efficient in comparison to traditional methods of training.

Running a startup, Eyal struggles to keep up to date with the latest management methodologies and business practices, so a flexible Online MBA with a specialization in sports management from EU Business School was the ideal option.

EU Business School’s Online MBA was ranked number one in the world by CEO Magazine in 2016 and 2017, and was also ranked 14th by QS TopMBA in 2017.

Now, Eyal wants to use what he’s learned to promote his company, apply his technical knowledge to the fitness industry and make exercise more accessible. As Fitness7XL expands, Eyal plans to open new studios later this year and early next year. He is even considering undertaking further education in the future.

How has your MBA helped you as an entrepreneur in the tech industry?

The MBA program has given me new perspectives about my business, especially from the digital marketing and HR point of view. I use several principals I learned during the MBA in my business on a daily basis.

A simple example from the digital marketing area is social media. Before embarking on the Online MBA, I treated it as a “nice-to-have” thing. Thanks to several courses I took, I realized it has a much greater significance and hence we now use Facebook, Google, Instagram much more to stay in touch with our clients and find new ones. Learning how to place ourselves in the digital marketplace has been key to growing the business.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Our product line was outdated. So, we decided to turn a page and start new projects that incorporate both an innovative technical aspect and direct human benefit. We came to the conclusion that an innovative solution for fitness training was to use whole body electro muscle stimulation (WB-EMS) technology. This is our new direction.

This decision utilized hardware and software part, which I was familiar, in the fitness and sports world, which I needed to reinforce my knowledge in.

This technology uses hardware and software that I was already familiar with, but it is specific to the sports and fitness industry – an area in which I had to reinforce my knowledge. By stepping into the MBA specializing in sports management, I could acquire this knowledge. The Online MBA program that I took was an immense help for me in co-creating our new brand Fitness7xL.

Why EU Business School?

For me, it was very important to stay flexible with my work, taking courses online anytime without being forced to pay any daily visits to campus.

EU Business School proposed exactly what I was after with their Online MBA program—all of the courses were held online, apart from a one week on-campus visit, but that was beneficial too. It was also very important for me to do the MBA at a highly-accredited and recognized institute.

Checking the rankings, I realized EU Business School was the place for me. The admin staff were very helpful during the registration procedure which made my choice feel like the right one.

What advice do you have for anyone considering an MBA?

Anyone who feels they need support in taking the next leap in their careers should register for an Online MBA program. It’s designed for exactly that, but it’s a demanding program that needs to be taken seriously.

It’s a great experience on the social aspect too. You get to meet people from all over the world and benefit from opinions and thoughts originating from other cultures and languages. This helps a lot to open your mind and benefits your daily professional work.

Finally, the professors on EU Business School's online program are extraordinary. Despite the lack of the physical contact, you still get the personal feeling which also helps to be productive and creative. Overall, it’s a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.