VIDEO: MBA Entrepreneur | Michel Poucet, Vlerick Business School

We spoke to Michel Poucet, Vlerick Business School MBA entrepreneur, founder of space construction company Lift Me Off, who reveals how one MBA project started everything

For MBA entrepreneur Michel Poucet, the phrase 'the sky's the limit' really has no meaning. His business Lift Me Off is developing products that could one day be operating in space, with plan for launch in 2020. 

Lift Me Off is launching a vehicle for in-orbit transportation, that can mend or move satellites, as well as dispose of them. It's essentially an intergalactic repairs truck. 

If this all sounds simple enough, Michel highlights that learning never stops. And like with most other businesses, the customer is always right.  

We spoke to Michel about what inspired his startup idea, how the MBA forged his career path, and what's set to happen next for Lift Me Off. 



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