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Inside The Impressive Berlin Campus Of ESMT

A selection of photos from our recent visit to ESMT's Berlin campus!

Located in the elegant former headquarters of the East German government, the building now home to the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) still exhibits many of the features of the former Communist "Staatsrat" (National Council).

As some ESMT students remarked on our visit to Berlin, "There's an irony in studying capitalism with the symbols of communism on our classroom walls". Many of the original socialist artwork remains, providing a beautiful and dramatic backdrop to wide staircases and airy lecture halls. The building was completely renovated before the launch of ESMT's full-time MBA in January 2006 and now boasts state of the art technolgy and facilities, but the posterity of a bygone era also remains.

We were struck by what a privilege it must be to study in such an impressive building, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, retro design masterworks and huge amounts of space compared to many university facilities. We were also struck by the friendliness and down-to-earth nature of the MBAs we chatted with - we'll share some of the stories in another article! For now, here are a few of our favourite pics from the ESMT Berlin campus:








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