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How Attending A Sustainable Business School Could Boost Your Career

The global urgency to move towards a sustainable model affects all business sectors—find out how your career could benefit from attending a sustainable business school


Wed Jun 14 2023

If you thought that understanding sustainable processes was only relevant for certain roles, you’d be incorrect. 

As more and more companies are impacted by climate change, knowing how to lead your company into a greener future will be integral to any career in business.

Not least, sustainability is good for business. In 2021, US companies with high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores outperformed the wider US market, according to a Morningstar report. 

Business schools are also increasingly keen to share their sustainability credentials, but how can you be sure you’re attending a school that’s committed to the cause?

We caught up with EAE Business School—a school in Barcelona that’s just increased its score in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) for Business Schools 2023 Report*—to ask: what does it mean to be a sustainability centered business school, and how can attending one help boost your career?

Learning from a sustainability-driven curriculum

As knowledge about sustainability is vital to all business areas, it makes sense that the business school curriculum should reflect this. 

In recent years, many business schools have diverted from the approach of offering a few sustainability-focused courses and are, instead, weaving sustainability teaching into traditional business courses.

EAE Business School Barcelona promotes three lines of action tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

These are: commitment to employability and entrepreneurship, making a positive impact on the community, and strengthening research and innovation.

Overall, these actions embrace the fourth SDG goal: quality education.

“We have audited each of our programs to identify those subjects with a positive impact, helping us to adapt the syllabus to include corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ESG topics—from both a theoretical and practical perspective,” says María Ávila, rankings and international accreditation manager at EAE Business School Barcelona.

For instance, in the Master in Human Resources Management program, students can learn about how social impact shapes the HR field, in courses such as Professional ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Embracing sustainability in action

Everyone knows practice makes perfect, but this is no truer than in the business sphere. How can employers get a good idea of your ability to get the job done if you have no practical experience under your belt?

To support students to get real-life experience, EAE Barcelona organizes different campaigns around the social impact space—yet the skills they learn across these projects can be useful for any business field.

Some of these campaigns include food collection campaigns and work with AIDA—a Spanish NGO that works on development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

If you opt to study at EAE Barcelona, some of the skills you might hone in these projects include communication, leadership, and teamwork—these are among the most in-demand skills of 2023, according to a LinkedIn study. 

EAE’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by its recent increase in ranking in the PIR 2023 Report, which surveyed students from 71 participating business schools. 

The report is the only rating in which students grade business schools on their positive impact. 

EAE has risen from level three in 2022, to level four (‘Transforming Schools’) in the 2023 edition, with the highest level being five (‘Pioneering Schools’).  

The benefits of networking at a sustainable business school 

Networking is a central part of the business school experience—it could lead to your first job after business school, or even to meeting your future business partner.

EAE Barcelona is in various ways linking its commitment to social impact with the networking needs of business school students.

The school has signed a collaboration agreement with AIESEC—the world’s largest youth-led global organization, which helps young people find leadership development opportunities across the world.

For women in business, EAE Barcelona also hosts the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of Catalunya initiative, which recognizes women and their projects and facilitates networking between members, stakeholders from the local industry, public and private entities, and more. 

The school’s commitment to gender equality aligns with SDG 5: gender equality. 

Accessing sustainable employment and top careers 

Most business school students want to land not just a successful career, but a purposeful career too.

Around 79% of business school candidates are motivated to join business school programs to develop their potential, according to the 2023 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Prospective Students Survey. 

The EAE Barcelona Talent for Impact Center has a dedicated Professional Impact Unit, which works with students on developing their profile and finding their path.

“We have a responsibility as a business school to improve students’ profile–it’s not only about hard skills, it’s also about gaining those all-important soft skills,” says María.

The school collaborates with socially responsible companies and companies that are aiming to improve their sustainability. EAE Barcelona also facilitates internships with NGOs.

Some of the most recognizable companies that EAE Business School Barcelona grads have landed jobs at include LVMH, Disney, and Coca-Cola, all of which are well aware of the importance of managing their global impact. The skills that the grads have acquired during their time at EAE Barcelona help them to bring an additional dimension to such companies.

“Today, companies demand a profile with a responsible vision and as a business school, our responsibility is to promote positive impact and show the path to these future leaders,” concludes María.

*Details on the methodology of the Positive Impact Rating 2023 Report can be found here. 

Student Reviews

EAE Business School





Amazing tutors

I did a MBA online that was deliberately spread out over 3 years as I was in full-time employment at the time. Building relationships with the tutors was by far the greatest outcome of this degree. Yes, the course content was OK (some units were far better than others) but the connections made were worth the entire cost. Hence the 5 stars. The tutors were practising entrepreneurs and experts, so the information they gave was 100% applicable. The tutors that really stood out were Luís Losantos and Martín Garcia, who not only gave their time to answer questions during the course but continued to provide help and guidance after my degree ended. As it was an online course, it was difficult to build strong relationships with my peers, but I also could have made more effort on that front. I am still part of a WhatsApp group and I see dinners being organised from time to time. All in all, the MBA was well worth the time it took. A big thank you to all the EAE team for the experience.




On Campus


I like the technical classes because I can learn lots of skills and the professors here are so nice and responsible. Due to the pandemic, all sessions were recorded, so if we are not clear about some knowledge, we can redo it from campus.

Bremen A.



Experience of a student at EAE Business School.

During the time that I was studying the masters in finance, I lived many pleasant experiences. Where not only I learned academically but also about the values of the university, which served me for my professional and personal growth. It is a university with excellent teachers, a very good academic environment, with a focus on getting students out of there with a high level of knowledge and competence in the workplace, always being hand in hand with the current world (In my case, in financial matters and everything related) its facilities are also adequate. On the other hand, the academic management is very focused on always giving a good personal service to the student and finally the opportunity that EAE Business School offers to colcoarte in the labor market through its own stock market. I recommend EAE Business School.




Very good Networking team

It is an excellent business school, with a very good team of teachers, experts in their areas. The amount of people from different countries of the world who come here to study opens the doors to the multicultural and explore from person to person as part of the work is done in each of those countries. The school has good facilities, the administrative team has improved, which is where they might have some faults but the rest is recommended to anyone who decides to do any of their Masters.!




Incredible experience!!

I always wanted to study outside of my native country (Peru), especially in a master's degree that combines technology with business knowledge. The master that I studied at EAE business School fulfilled my expectations not only with the knowledge imparted but also with the filter of the students who were in the classroom. All were very interesting profiles in such a way that there was a good contribution from everyone.

Maria Soledad



International MBA

I had an enriching experience studying at EAE. I have enjoyed the multicultural group of students who attended and almost all the teachers have been very well prepared and dedicated to the students. I believe that the one thing that EAE could improve is the network between the students and companies for laboral trainees. However, I would definitely recommend this business school.




Dynamism to power

I study Master in Couching, emotional intelligence and management development. Therefore my opinion is from that angle. It is a dynamic, agile and very present University. Economically it may seem expensive, but what it is, it is valuable. He knows that true knowledge goes through practice and structures the course accordingly. highly recommended!




An excellent option

It is a well-known school in Spain, which belongs to the important group of companies Planeta and which has offices in Barcelona and Madrid. Among the many benefits that I find, are: Very varied courses, very qualified and human teaching staff, very comfortable facilities with many services, staff of the school willing to help all students, ....... That is why I confirm that it is an excellent option!





One if the best universities in Spain. The education is really good and instructors are well educated. They univerisity have to many different cultures which is great to do connecetions and know more about different cultures. The way they teach and give classes and business games are great and usefull for your daily basis not just in business. Please the instructors and students are so friendly.