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Webinar | What Are The Career Benefits Of Attending Business School In Europe

Hear from career advisors and alumni from Vlerick Business School who have launched impressive careers at Google and Aliaxis


Fri Jan 12 2024

A business degree in Europe can help you secure you a role at your dream company and launch an thriving, international network? 

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, we explore how to leverage your degree to boost your career, the value of networking, and insights into the Europe job market. This webinar is delivered in partnership with Vlerick Business School. 

To discover the career benefits of studying in Amsterdam, BusinessBecause writer Laura Wise spoke with Vlerick career advisors as well as alumni to learn about their experiences and get key tips. 

Panelists include career advisor Emilia Konttinen, international MBA graduate Fiorella Cano—strategy manager at Aliaxis—and Msc in General Management graduate Hunter Tanous— account executive at Google.

Senior career advisor, Wendy Lisarde, also presents to show the advantages of attending Vlerick Business School, the networking opportunities, and the many connections it has to top companies. 

Key Takeaways: 

→ Learn how to leverage your business school network to land a role with a top company 

→ Gain an insight into the skills employers are looking for in today’s business world 

→ Find out the ROI you can expect from studying in Europe

Student Reviews

Vlerick Business School




Great career services and quality of teaching

I believe that it is one of the top European universities in the business area. It is very career-oriented. It is focused in the Benelux area. One bad thing is that as a business school it doesn't offer masters in other areas and generally it doesn’t offer a bachelor's degree.




On Campus

Study in the center of the city!!

The program is good with 10 months of duration, professors being well experienced and versatile backgrounds. Focus on careers of MBA students is less and more priority is given towards a higher number of Master's (less experienced) students. All the focus is kept on networking but no active event by school for MBA students to provide job opportunities. The Hybrid set-up for students is really good which helps in attending classes in case of some emergency or illness. Should focus on MBA students as equal as other master's students for all the activities along with classes.