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Classy And Competent: HEC Paris Shows Off MBA Alumni

Earlier on this year HEC Paris revamped its MBA with an emphasis on employability. Here’s a snapshot of the fantastic careers of its MBA graduates!

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Wed Nov 14 2012

Earlier on in the year, we brought you news that Europe’s top-ranked MBA programme at HEC Paris has undergone some restructing following feedback from major employers on what they want from their MBA recruits.

The school launched a new programme this September with a very strong focus business skills and ethics, and increased careers support. Career placement for the class of 2011 saw 69% change job function, 70% change job sector, 57% change job location, and 65% working outside their home countries.

Think this sounds impressive? You can see video interviews with dozens of alumni on the HEC Paris MBA Stories site. They include Pascal Cagni, General Manager for Apple in the EMEA region; Xavier Romatet, the President of Conde Nast Publications; Walid Malouf, the Director of the Clinton Climate Initiative in France; international development consultant Leticia Kawanami; and Marie-Amelie Chéreau-Hoffmann, the General Manager for LVMH Watches and Jewelry in Hong Kong and China!

These are just to mention a few. HEC Paris has over 44,000 successful and connected alumni spread all over the world. So, how did HEC Paris contribute to their careers?

Marcus Magarian, HEC MBA 2007 says that the school's alumni network opened doors for him. He is on the advisory body of Brazilian Bank, Banco Votorantim Securities. His first deal was structured with the help of HEC alumni and now he enjoys an international job that allows him travel across the US, Latin America and Europe.

Jean-Pierre Dick, HEC MBA 1997,  is a skipper. He reached out to a former classmate to help him organize a sailing race across the world. His classmate readily volunteered his time and effort and Jean-Pierre calls this "The power and passion of an HEC friendship".

Perrodo Nicolas, HEC MBA 2011, who is from France, is an Account Director at Verizon: “I think that what you learn from the HEC MBA program is being self-confident and that self-confidence is probably the best weapon within companies to acquire independence in making better decisions.”

Some of the other soft skills HEC graduates say that they picked up from the programme are teamwork and leadership. Elisabeth Garrett, HEC MBA 2011, from the US, was very involved in clubs and activities while on the programme, especially the MBA council. She now works as a company programme communications manager at French engineering firm Schneider Electric.                                                                              

You can have a look at more stories of successful alumni on the HEC Paris MBA website. Read our interview with Michael Scott, Development Manager at HEC Paris if you're curious about who the ideal HEC Paris MBA candidate is. To read more about students, alumni and programmes at HEC Paris, click here