Despite Young Age, Indian Engineer Goes For ESSEC Global MBA

Priyesh Salunke is supplementing his chemical engineering background with an ESSEC Global MBA after just four years of work experience

After spending his undergraduate years and his early career in India, Priyesh Salunke decided to head off to ESSEC for a Global MBA.

His decision to do so, he said, was partially a response to pressure from his Indian peers who were already finishing their MBAs.

“Getting an MBA after one or two years is a trend in India,” Salunke said.

It is true that Indian nationals do tend to get an MBA younger: the average age of an Indian MBA student is 25.9, compared to average ages of 27.5 in Western Europe and 30.2 in the US, according to Business India B-school Survey.

As a result of this trend, Salunke is one of the youngest students in his Global MBA class at ESSEC. Although he said he sometimes feel less able to contribute as quickly as his peers, he ultimately benefits from all he is able to learn from his classmates.

Salunke has a different perspective from his peers, though, as an MBA student with a chemical engineering background.

During the four years between finishing his engineering degree and beginning the ESSEC Global MBA, Salunke worked in Mumbai. First, he briefly was a consultant for Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals and then he transitioned to a business development and marketing manager role at Aquachem Enviro Engineers.

He said he enjoyed the amount of learning he was able to do in these roles, but since the companies were smaller, there were not enough growth opportunities for him.

At ESSEC Salunke said he has learned about various industries and topics through elective courses – anything from operations and marketing to art auctionhouses.

Additionally, Salunke said he is becoming a more well-rounded student because of ESSEC’s global approach. ESSEC encourages its Global MBA students to experience various business cultures in countries like South Africa, for example, where Salunke will be traveling this month: “Students on the Global MBA spend a lot of time outside of France,” he said.

This knowledge of various countries, industries and cultures is “necessary” for MBA students in the job market, Salunke said. But Salunke said he is not fretting too heavily about his career because he is backed by the “well-known brand” of ESSEC.

“ESSEC has definitely helped me,” Salunke said. “I can see there has been quite a change in outlook for me, not just professionally, but personally.”



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