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The 5 Best GMAT Test Prep Courses For 2018-19

A strong GMAT score can be the difference between a top-tier MBA and a lifetime of 'what ifs'. Be prepared with some of the best GMAT test prep programs on the market


Thu Dec 27 2018

This is a GUEST POST by John Karageorge from

A high score on the GMAT can be the difference between acceptance into a top-tier, career-changing MBA program, and a lifetime of asking yourself ‘what if’.

To put yourself in the best possible position of landing the highest score possible, picking the best GMAT test prep program is incredibly important.

But not all GMAT prep courses are the same, and the learning style and environment offered by one company may not work well for all students. And while there are thousands of online reviews comparing the different courses, one of the best ways to truly determine which prep course is best is through first-hand results from students themselves.

For this reason, surveyed over 1,300 current MBA students and asked them to review the test prep company they worked with.

According to them, here are the five best GMAT test prep courses for 2018-19:

1. Target Test Prep

This GMAT prep course is focused on students who need help in the quantitative section.

Target Test Prep follows the ‘practice makes perfect’ mantra by providing their students with over 3,000 practice problems. By pairing repetition with an in-house analytics program that tracks time spent, success rate, and question difficulty, students are quickly able to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

As the top-rated program in the survey with a score of 4.91 out of 5, Target Test Prep is well worth the investment.

2. Manhattan Review

The Manhattan Review takes a very comprehensive, intense approach to test prep, which is great if you absolutely need a score of 700+.

The program provides both online and classroom tutoring, as well as ‘Boot Camp’ options for last minute test-takers. Unlike Target Test Prep, Manhattan Review covers both the quant and verbal sections.

It may be one of the more expensive courses, but the results did not disappoint our surveyors. With a rating of 4.8, the program came highly recommended.


EmpowerGMAT takes a unique approach, teaching students to think like the test-makers to envision strategies and predict right answers. In addition to explanations for over 2,000 test questions, cheat sheet PDFs, and video presentations, the program charges a flat fee per month, with the 4th month free. 

With a rating of 4.69, EmpowerGMAT is the best budget GMAT prep course available.

4. Magoosh GMAT

Magoosh is another online option that offers varying levels of access to video lessons, practice questions, email assistance, and analytics. Like most other courses, the company guarantees improved test scores.

However, one factor that differentiates Magoosh from the rest is the company’s approach to analyzing efficient learning methods and schedules for individual students, helping you prepare when you’re most motivated to absorb information.

One standout review indicated Magoosh improved his score by 40 points in 5 months. With over 100 reviews, a rating of 4.6, and rates starting at $199, it’s no wonder Magoosh is a top contender. 

5. Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep is one of the more premium programs on our list. Started in 2000, the foundation of Manhattan Prep’s approach is using gifted educators to stress critical thinking as opposed to test-taking strategies.

As a result, some students say that the actual GMAT felt easier than the test prep questions. With a variety of packages, the only drawback of the program is its cost.

However, with over 300 reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5, their results may justify the investment.

There are plenty of GMAT test prep courses out there. Often, the best place to start is the Graduate Management Admission Council (administrator of the GMAT) itself. Check out the GMAT Official Guide 2019 available here.