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5 Best GMAT Whiteboards

Want to take advantage of the physical GMAT Focus Edition whiteboard option? Here are five of the best whiteboards, and all the accessories you’ll need on the day

Wed Feb 14 2024

With the Online GMAT Focus Edition Exam, test-takers have the option to use a physical GMAT whiteboard, in addition to the online whiteboard. 

Using both gives you the flexibility to make quick notes and calculations on whichever feels more comfortable. A physical whiteboard helps avoid using up your screen space for the GMAT Focus Edition online whiteboard. 

Getting your GMAT Focus Edition whiteboard

If you do opt for a physical whiteboard, the one downside is that you’ll need to provide it yourself. 

But what is the right whiteboard? You’ll need to carefully read GMAC’s list of whiteboard specifications  and make sure that your whiteboard is no bigger than the maximum permitted size (12 ins x 20 ins) while comfortably fitting on your desk, has a thin border, and is magnetic. 

Plus, you have to provide up to two dry-erase markers and a dry-erase whiteboard eraser.
If you to stick to these rules, then it’s over to you to choose your preferred whiteboard.

 Here are our suggestions:

Our 5 favorite dry-erase whiteboards for the GMAT Focus Edition

We’d prefer that you spend your GMAT Focus Edition prep time studying, rather than scouring the internet for ‘best GMAT whiteboard’, so we’ve created a list of five whiteboards that meet all of GMAC’s criteria. These options are all available on Amazon. Prices are listed in US dollars, and are subject to change.

Is there a perfect whiteboard for the GMAT Focus Edition? Maybe, but choice will vary from person to person. Prioritize which ‘nice to have’ features are most important to you, measure your desk space (subtracting room needed for your computer, keyboard, and mouse), and know that you can’t go wrong with a whiteboard from this list. 

Without further ado, here are our favorite options:

1. Amazon Bestseller: VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board 18 X 12, White Frame, Includes Eraser, Markers and Magnets

Buy it on Amazon for $16.90

Large, magnetic whiteboard plus eraser and two markers

The number one bestseller in the Dry-Erase Boards category on Amazon, this popular option is the largest and most expensive on our list.

This whiteboard comes with magnets, but can even be mounted to a wall either vertically or horizontally, to use after finishing the GMAT exam. Equipped with two markers, a marker tray, and a large dry eraser, this a great option for someone with a large desk who plans to handwrite most of their notes.

2. U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 11 X 14, Magnetic with White Frame, Marker Included

Buy it on Amazon for $7.99

Small, magnetic whiteboard plus basic marker

A compact and affordable option, this 11 X 14-inch dry erase board comes highly recommended with over 30,000 positive reviews. This is one of the smallest options on the list, but if something even smaller is exactly what you need, this whiteboard also comes in an 8.5 X 11-inch size, which is currently on sale at just $5.49.

Equipped with magnets and a marker, this option should fit on most desks. Its sturdy white border makes for a particularly convenient and functional choice.

3. TSJ OFFICE Small White Board 16 X 12, Dry Erase Board with Black Frame, Magnet and Markers Included

Buy it on Amazon for $15.99

Large, magnetic whiteboard plus eraser and two black markers

This anti-scrap whiteboard is coated in three layers of paint, making this a particularly durable and smooth option for those who are looking for a large whiteboard they plan to make great use of.

Reviewers have commented on the high quality of the markers and eraser included, as well as the strength of the frame. Unlike most options on this list, this is lined with a thin black border, which may not be everyone’s personal preference.

4. Magnetic Small White Board 12 X 16, Aluminum Frame, Eraser Included

Buy it on Amazon for $14.99

Large, magnetic whiteboard plus eraser

At 12 X 16 inches, this highly rated whiteboard is large enough to make lots of notes and calculations without constantly needing to erase. It’s worth considering the specific dimensions of your desk, however, as this might be too large for some. 

Unlike other whiteboards on the list, this doesn’t come with a marker, and some reviewers have found the eraser not to be particularly effective. This might be a dealbreaker for some, but our general advice for any whiteboard is to save the included markers and erasers for personal use, and invest in a high-quality eraser and pens for test day.

5. MaxGear Double-Side Small Dry Erase Board, 14 x 11, Magnetic with White Frame, Marker Included

Buy it on Amazon for $6.99

Small, magnetic whiteboard plus basic marker

The smallest and most affordable whiteboard on this list, this 14 X 11-inch choice is ideal for someone with limited desk space or a particularly large laptop. The double-sided feature makes this useful for maximizing the space on a small surface, and is particularly durable thanks to the sturdy white border.

That said, a larger choice might be more convenient for those who plan to get a lot of use out of a whiteboard even after their exam.


Invest in a quality whiteboard ready for test day ©ProStock-Studio / iStock

Our favorite whiteboard accessories

To make sure you’re test-day ready, it’s a good idea to have plenty of spare markers and erasers on hand. Here are a few of our favorites.

Best Dry-Erase Markers: EXPO 1884309 Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, Ultra Fine Tip, Assorted Colors, 8-Count

Buy them on Amazon for $7.19

These ultra-fine tip markers will allow you to write multiple questions on your whiteboard before running out of space. 

They erase easily, come in a lot of colors (so you can find which ones you like best), and the pack of eight will provide you with enough markers for practice and test day. 

The tip will flatten over time, and the ink will dry out, but two of these pens should get you through the GMAT Focus Edition.

Best Whiteboard Eraser: [3 Pack] Dry Erase Erasers, Browill Washable Smudge Free Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Kits for Kids Students, Home Office School for Cleaning Dry Erase Markers on Glassboard Refrigerator

Buy them on Amazon for $7.89

Real talk: This particular brand is just an example of what you’re looking for, and is likely no better or worse than other options. 

Essentially, what you’re looking for is a magnetic dry eraser (so you won’t lose it if you have a magnetic whiteboard), large (so you can erase the entire whiteboard quickly), and durable. The three-pack is nice, because you can use a fresh one on test day to avoid smudges.

A final word on the physical GMAT Focus Edition whiteboard

Remember to order your whiteboard and accessories ASAP. 

There’s no point in delaying—any of the above options will work on test day, and it’s important to have your materials in hand as you practice.