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Business Schools Are Launching Even More FinTech, Big Data & Blockchain Courses

From Oxford to NYU Stern, business school has become the go-to place for courses on financial technology

Sun Nov 4 2018

The financial services sector is scrambling to harness the power of financial technology—fintech—so as to improve efficiency, generate new products and services, and avoid being disrupted by nimbler startups. 

As they race to embrace technology from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to artificial intelligence and machine learning, they need employees with business smarts and who are also digitally-savvy. However, finding people with both skillsets is hard.

Business schools are trying to plug that gap with a slew of new courses to help students and financial services professionals understand how to apply fintech to finance and shape the future of banking.

Imperial College Business School in London has just launched an MSc in Fintech. It expects 60 computer-literate students to begin classes in September next year, paying £34,500 ($44,000) for the one-year course and learning about finance theory, data science, and fintech innovation.

James Sefton, economics professor and...

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