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VIDEO: Startup FAQ | How Do I Identify A Great Startup Idea?

For every Uber there's a thousand startup ideas that never took off. So how can you identify a great startup idea? We put a Startup FAQ to our panel of experts

Tue Jan 21 2020

We'll never really know why Uber worked and became the billion-dollar valued company that it is today? For the same reason, it's difficult to know why hundreds of other ride-sharing, food-delivery, and car-hailing apps haven't worked. Is there a way you can identify the great startup ideas from the bad ones?

In this Startup FAQ, we ask: how can you identify a great startup idea?


Jeff Skinner, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at London Business School, appeals to the old saying, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." It's almost impossible to know whether a business idea is good until you've tested it.

Vlerick MBA entrepreneur Michel Poucet had this exact experience. His space startup only really gathered momentum once he tested it out in the open, and it got recognition from people with expertise in the field. 

In our Startup FAQ series, we pose frequently asked questions from Reddit and Quora about entrepreneurship to successful entrepreneurs and business school experts.

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