Was The King's Speech The First Case of Executive Coaching?

Movie parallels the relationship between coaches and execs, says UK academic and personal development expert

In an interview released just in time for the UK's royal wedding, Vivian Vella, Cranfield MBA visiting professor, explains why the movie The King’s Speech is a great example of executive coaching in action.

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“The film The King's Speech was particularly interesting for the work of Lionel Logue, the speech therapist, who could be considered the first executive coach to King George V1th. The quality of the relationship is key: the coach creates a safe environment in which leaders can experience a trusting relationship where the only agenda is to support the learning of the Leader," she says.

"At its best, coaching is effective in helping individuals to develop a more effective and impactful communication style; manage challenging relationships more successfully; challenge existing beliefs to increase self-confidence and self-esteem and lead and manage transitions. We may not be a king with a speech impediment, but coaching can help us find our voice.”

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