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Inside View: Yahoo!

Tracie Fornaro, Senior Staffing Manager for Yahoo! in California says that there are roles for MBAs in product marketing, product management, digital media and entrepreneurship

This week's Inside View is with Tracie Fornaro, Senior Staffing Manager at Yahoo!

Tracie has been with Yahoo since October 2006 and her experience in recruiting spans over two decades. Yahoo's global business is currently undergoing exciting changes and Tracie says that the tech giant has career opportunities for MBAs especially in Digital Media, Product Management and Product Marketing roles. 

What's your role at Yahoo! and how long have you been there? 

I moved to California over five years ago to join Yahoo!. I oversee hiring for Yahoo! US Finance and Legal and it’s been a tremendous opportunity to see our people grow and take on new challenges.

What type of candidates do you recruit?

Yahoo! hires great talent globally across multiple functions, but specifically I oversee the hiring of great talent for Yahoo! US-based Legal and Finance professionals, which include many MBA grads. 

What types of jobs do you hire MBAs for?

Yes, we look for MBAs in a variety of roles, predominantly in marketing, entrepreneurship or digital media, for Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager roles.

Which business schools do you typically hire from?

Yahoo! is proud to hire from a myriad of business schools across the globe. In the US some of the business schools
we recruit from include: University Michigan - Ross, UC Berkeley - Haas, NYU - Stern, University of Chicago - Booth and UCLA - Anderson

What are some of the exciting things happening at Yahoo! at the moment?

It’s an exciting time at Yahoo!. A new CEO started at the beginning of the year and is moving the company aggressively forward – renewing our focus on our customers and core business.

How much interaction do you have with Yahoo! offices in other countries?

Since Yahoo! is a global company we offer global opportunities.

What advice do you have for an MBA who wants to work at an internet company?

Focus on developing skills that will enable you to lead by example, manage across boundaries, know your customer, deliver with accountability, and partner with your colleagues at all levels. Continually build and maintain your professional network.

What's the best thing about living in San Francisco?!

EVERYTHING!! We have  a strong job market led by technology innovation, exceptional schools and healthcare, great weather, changing geographic beauty, and enormous cultural diversity.


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Friday 11th May 2012, 11.33 (UTC)


Advice for all applying to Yahoo: Double check what you put on your CV. I'm guessing HR staff are being extra careful right now especially during Scott Thompson's resume fiasco

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